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Who sings the song in the 2007 Liberty Mutual prtial lyrics there are better days to meet us where we stand?

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2009-11-18 05:55:25

Liberty Mutual Insurance song

The group Hem wrote the songs 'Half Acre', 'The Part Where You Let

Go', and others which are used in a series of Liberty Mutual ads.

The singer is Sally Ellyson.

This particular 'carnival' LM ad originally aired during the

Beijing '08 Summer Olympics; the song is called 'Better Days',

though it is apparently not complete nor available as a full song

according to their website or any other source I could find. It

lives right now as a 30 second jingle.

'There are better days to meet us where we stand.

They are gathering in fields and spreading out over land.

Then a drop falls, fills a bottle in our hands.'

That's all so far. I hope they finish it and release it soon.

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