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Who sold more albums Janet Jackson or Beyonce?


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Janet Jackson between 140-150 million

Beyonce solo 15-20 million

Beyonce with Destiny Child 50 million

Janet Jackson sold more, with Beyonce and Destiny Child Combined.

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Probably Michael Jackson, hes more famous

And Janet is said to be worth over 150 million while Beyonce' is only worth 54 million

Mariah. With her albums, films, and fragrances, among other projects, she is worth more than Janet. However, Janet is not far behind in terms of income/net worth.

Well over the years Janet Jackson, has been the #1 Female Singer But there was a Fare Game Between them two but Beyonce Sold The Most Cd's The First week And Janet Sold More The next Week, Between Deja Vu And Call on Me.But Janet Has More Money Than Beyonce. Janet was also #7 on forbs richest women in the world 2008 and beyonce was not even listedI would check these resources. Neither Janet or Beyonce are on Forbes list of richest women in the world. We all know that Oprah is the richest woman in American entertainment but, not even Oprah is one of the worlds richest women. The richest women would include those of Walmart, Cox Communications and cosmetic money. I would assume that Janet would have more money due to the length of her career but Beyonce has been doing well for herself in her own right, earning 80 million in 2008.

i think Janet Jackson is richer than Mariah Carey.

Yes, By 99.5%. I like beyonce and her music but I love Michael Jackson and His Music MORE!

Janet Jackson is more of a soprano. However, she can sing alto as well.

mariah Carey is worth more but some people say Janet Jackson On Forbes most riches wemon mariah was ahead or Janet

U must be kidding! Carey sell more than Jackson Michael Jackson sold 750 millon albums

Michael Jackson, he has sold over 1 billion albums to date.

yes she did. if you do a little research you can find it. but they min-chin Janet Jackson, mariah carey and more..

More than what you could imagine!

More than what you could imagine!

Definitely Michael. And I mean A LOT more.

Michael Jackson once said he was worth 2 billion or more so it is probably Him.

Janet Jackson - It included her second name, as her father requested it as he believed it would sell more

No, Adele has made two albums, Michael made 11.

Michael Jackson has sold close to or over 300 million albums, Bob Dylan has sold 70 million.

She invented the dance break, and many more things

Michael Jackson really love his sisters but I think Michael Jackson love Janet Jackson more than the other.

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