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Sparta Of Course

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Q: Who strictly ruled military state Athens or Sparta?
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Was the strictly ruled military state Sparta or Athens?

Both were strictly ruled - Sparta was a limited democracy, Athens for a time became a radical democracy. Spartan citizens devoted their time to military training as they had a serf population to support them, Athenians did part-time military training only as they had to earn a living.

Strictly ruled military state?


Who was ruled by a queen or king Sparta or Athens?


What is a difference between the governments of Athens and Sparta?

Sparta was ruled by only a few of its men, but Athens was ruled by all of its male citizens.

Which city was ruled by two kings and a council Athens or Sparta?

Sparta was ruled by two kings and its council, the Gerousia.

What happened to Athens after their loss to Sparta?

What happened was that Sparta ruled over Athens by 50 years juntil they got independenced...

Who ruled Athens around 460 bc?

Pericles ruled Athens in 460 b.c when Athens and Sparta were the most powerful city-states

What is the difference between Sparta and Athens culture?

Sparta is ruled by two kings and Athens is ruled by a group of warriors. IN Athens u don't ave to let go of your children even if they are weak or strong

Was Athens ruled by two kings?

No, Sparta had a dual monarchy.

What group ruled Athens During the 600s BC?


What is different between Athens and Sparta?

The difference between Athens and Sparta is:SParta is a oligarchy.Athens is a direct-democracyOne difference between the city-states of Athens in Sparta was that Sparta was ruled by a king while Athens was overseen by a democratically elected group.

What is the city ruled by a military oligarchy?


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