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Who used the Roman number system?

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The Romans and all the Roman Empire

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How were roman numerals used?

Roman numerals are used as numbers. For example, the roman numeral for the number one is an I. The system can be used for any number.

Who uses the roman number system?

The Roman numeral system is used in the Latin language which is still spoken today in the Vatican

How long was the roman number system used?

It still is, on clocks and for dates.

Why is the roman number system still being used?

The Roman numeral system is still being used today because it is the numerical aspect of the Latin language which is still being used today.

What number system was used in ancient Greece?

im pretty sure that they used roman numerals

Why do the Roman numerals use letters instead of Arabic numbers?

If the Roman had used the same numbers which are used in the Arabic number system then they would have been using the Arabic number system. The whole point is that they used a different system. The other half of the whole point is that the Roman empire fell before the Arabs and Hindus developed their number system. The Romans 'borrowed' their system from the Etruscans; they could not borrow what had not yet been invented.

What is the different between Mayan number system and roman number system?

The Mayan number system is vigesimal (based on twenties)The Roman number system is decimal (based on tens)

What number did the Mesopotamians based their numbering system around?

I think they used Roman Numerals.

Are Roman numerals the most common system of number notation used in today's world?

No, they are not.

Where and when did the Greek number system originate?

The number system used by the Greeks in the first millennium was called Aegan System. Attic Numerals was later formed on which the Roman System was built. The Attic Numerals used the first letter the name of the number the represented.

What is the name of the Roman number system?

Roman Numerals

When was roman number system form?

The Roman numeral system was formed by the ancient Etruscans.

What are the examples of non positional number system?

Roman number system is an example of non positional number system

What number is missing from the roman number system?

They have no zero.

What is complete number system?

One of them is the Hindu-Arabic numeral system which we use today and another is the Roman numeral system which was used by the ancient Romans

Which number is not written in roman number?

It is zero because it's not needed in the Roman numeral system.

Are the Roman Numerals a type of number base?

No, the Roman Numerals are a based less number system.

Where did the Roman number system started?

The Roman numeral system was started by the Etruscans who once ruled the Romans.

What are the similarities of the Mayan and the Roman number system?

what are the similarites between the Mayan numbering system and roman numerals

When was the roman numeral system first used?

The Roman numeral system was first used by the Etruscans who once ruled the Romans.

How Was the number 3 in roman number system represented?


Why is there the system of a Roman numeral system?

it is actually a number system that the Romans made.

How did the roman number system work?

The Roman numeral system was derived from the Etruscan numeral system and the Etruscans once ruled the Romans.

Is the roman number system easier to use than our number system?

No, it is much more difficult.

How do you write 360 in roman numerals?

CCCLX is the number 280 in roman numerals. This number is used to represent what roman used to write.