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Both the girl and the boy makes the first move in an ex relationship but i can tell you that im a girl and just came out of a relationship and he made the first mov

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Q: Who usually makes first contact in ex relationship?
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Why am I so afraid and opposed to contact in a relationship such as holding hands or hugging?

Usually its because you don't want to be watched by many people because it makes you uncomfortable.

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Is the guy supposed to make the first move?

It doesn't really matter who makes the first move as long as someone does it. The person that makes the first move is usually the one that feels more confident about the relationship. Sometimes, guys don't always make the first move due to fear of rejection, making it the girl's job to do it.

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What should you do in your first teen relationship?

In your first teen relationship you will know what to do, you do whatever feels right. Please do not go too far in that relationship and make mistakes, everyone makes mistakes but still. In your first teen relationship do not be with a guy that is a jerk that will act like a jerk to you.

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What is a Positive relationship?

It is a relationship that makes you both happy!!

What are some signs that a guy give when a relationship is over?

He starts spending more time without you and with his friends, he makes up excuses not to be with you and whenever you are together alone he makes very little or no body contact.

How is the relationship like when the woman makes the first move?

it will go great. The only reason she made the first move is cause you took to long

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depends for some it makes there relationship better but that's only a small percentage of people. affairs usually break a relationships they tend to lead to further drama

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What makes people want to get in to new relationship soon after their husband or wife dies?

Usually it is because they are looking for comfort in someone else. Sometimes, their second relationship could even be closely related to their first as they both know the person well and can comfort each other becaise of this - feelking the same emotions etc its sad i know

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How do you know if your relationship is good?

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Trust, and Honesty!......

What makes a person jealous in their relationship?

You crushed on him/her.