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General Douglas MacArthur suggested this, resulting in President Harry Truman terminating MacArthur's military career on April 10, 1951 and replacing him with General Matthew Ridgway.

The Korean War began on June 25, 1950 and an armistice was signed on July 27, 1953. Note: Truman had already had 4 MK-4 fission bombs shipped to Korea but had not authorized their use (so when MacArthur threatened to use fission bombs he could havebut it would have been unauthorized).

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Were nuclear weapons used in the Korean war?

No nuclear weapons were used in the korean war

How was the use of nuclear weapons involved in Korean war?

No nuclear weapons were used in the Korean War.....

What did General Douglas MacArthur argue that the Korean War should do?

use of atomic weapons against north korean and chinese forces

Why was general mac arthur removed as commander of us forces in Korea?

Primarily for provocative statements he made, threatening the use of nuclear weapons against the Chinese and North Korean forces.

Korean war is a limited war?

Limited to non-nuclear weapons.

Has North Korea used nuclear weapons?

Not during the Korean war...

Are Korean nuclear weapons pointed at America?

No their weapons are currently pointed at Seoul. The capital of South Korea

What were some Reasons against the Korean war?

Many people in the US wanted to use nuclear weapons, other wise...don't fight the war at all!

Why was the Vietnam war views differently from previos wars the US had fought?

The US chose NOT to deploy nuclear weapons. (The US did deploy nuclear weapons against Japan in WWII). The US chose NOT to invade North Vietnam. (The US did invade North Korea during the Korean War).

What is the Korean Crisis?

Potential for nuclear war against the USSR in 1950.

What can you learn from the Korean War?

That in the atomic age (atomic weapons) only limited wars can be fought. Nuclear weapons would mean total war.

Who won in the war battle Korean or japan?

Japan was only defeated by atomic weapons. Prior to nuclear weapons, Japan was never defeated in any war.

What is a Korean Gettysburg?

"Korean Gettysburg," The battle at Wonju and Chipyong-ni showed that Ridgway's 8th Army could stand against the Chinese."

What is the US stance on North Korea's nuclear weapons program?

The US is strongly opposed to the North Korean nuclear weapons program and has been trying very hard to discourage North Korea from building nuclear weapons, although as we have seen, North Korea is building them anyway, in defiance of all forms of international pressure from the US or the UN.

Why do Japanese children take part disaster preparedness drills at school?

Earthquakes, tidal waves & North Korean nuclear weapons.

The Korean conflict staged Americans and North Koreans against the Chinese and South Koreans?


Who is smarter a Korean or Chinese?


What happened in the Korean war in 1950 through 1953?

Fierce fighting among US and UN forces against North Korean and Chinese forces

Are Japanese or Korean from Chinese?

Korean were from Chinese but Japanese are mixed of other migration.

Are Korean people actually Chinese?

Genetically, yes. Korean are derived from Chinese.

Can Chinese become a Korean singer?

Yes they can. In the Korean group miss A, there are two Chinese people. In another Korean group, f(x) there is two Chinese people (one is currently not there). So you can be a Korean singer if you're Chinese.

What countries fought against the UN in the Korean war?

North Koreans, Red Chinese and Soviet technicians.

Why didn't Truman nuke china and Korea?

By the time of the Korean War, the Soviet Union had nuclear weapons and was allied with China and North Korea. Using a nuclear weapon there could have triggered a nuclear war between the US and the USSR.

Who was Korean War against?

The Korean War was due to the Invasion of South Korea by North Korea. Later in this war, the Chinese came to the aid of North Korea.

What is China's stance on North Korea's nuclear program?

China would prefer a nuclear-weapon-free Korean peninsula. However, China is North Korea's foremost foreign ally, so it is often unwilling to join the US and other nations in boycotting or sanctioning North Korean unwillingness to forego nuclear weapons.

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