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Mary, who became Queen Mary I.

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Q: Who was Henry viiis child to catherine of aragon?
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Who was Henry VIIIs first queen?

Catherine of Aragon

Did Catherine of Aragon spend all of Henry viiis money on cheese?


Who was Henry VIII wife before he died?

Henry the 8ths final wife was Catherine Parr

Which of Henry the VIIIs wives were beheaded?

Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard were the only wives Henry VIII had beheaded. Henry's first marriage (with Catherine of Aragon) was annulled, his second was with Anne Boleyn, his third wife (Jane Seymour) died of childbed fever, his fourth (Anne of Cleves) was divorced, Catherine Howard was his fifth wife and his final wife (Catherine Parr) survived him to marry again.

Who was Henry the viiis mother?

Elizabeth of York.

What was the name of Henry VIIIs falconer?

It's Robert Cheseman.

Which wife brought Henry VIIIs children Mary and Elizabeth back to court?

The mother of Queen Mary I was Catherine of Aragon, who was Henry VIII's first wife.The mother of Elizabeth I was Anne Boleyn, who was Henry VIII's second wife - she was later executed.It was Catherine Parr, the sixth and last wife of Henry VIII, who married Henry in 1543, who became friends with his children by previous marriages - Mary and Elizabeth - and eventually brought them back to court.More informationHenry VIII's second wife, Jane Seymour, tried hard to reconcile Henry with his two daughters, even trying to get Mary put back into the succession. She managed to bring Mary and Henry together though.But it was Henry's last and sixth wife, Catherine Parr, who succeeeded in getting Henry to reinstate Mary and Elizabeth as royal princesses at court.

Who performed King Henry VIIIs coronation?

Pope Clement VI

Who was anne Boleyns and Henry viiis daughter?

Elizabeth I, Queen of England.

What was Henry viiis newfound religion called?

The church of England. Henry took the Popes place in England.

Who was kathrine parr?

Katherine Parr was Henry VIIIs sixth and last wife, she outlived him.

What was the significance of Henry VIIIs break with the Catholic Church?

It undermined the power and authority of the pope.