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Who was John Hanson?

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President John Hanson was the Nations first President under the

original United States Constitution that patriots fought and died

for - the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union.The term

"President of the United States in Congress Assembled" under the

nations first government is used today when the President of the

United States of America is present with a full Congress. President

Hanson never presided over the Continental Congress I or II - he

presided as the Nations first President of the United States of

America after the Continental Congress was dissolved on March 1,

1781. His duties as President were independent of the Congress as

the Office of the President was created and spelled out in the

Articles. The Office of the President of the United States never

intended to be the "Executive Office of the President" that was

created in 1939 or "commander-in-chief" of the US military, but

these additions were added later in the second adopted constitution

and after Washington was President with the EXOP in 1939. John

Hanson was truly our Nation's first President of the United States

of America.

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