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Who was John Madison?

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Fourth President 1809-1817

Born: March 16, 1751 in Port Conway, King George, Virginia

Died: June 28, 1836 in Montpelier in Virginia

Married to Dolley Payne Todd Madison

That would be James Madison ...

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What has the author John Madison Morton written?

John Madison Morton has written: 'Betsy baker!'

Who was president first John Adams or Madison?

John Adams preceded Madison. Adams was the second presdent; Madison was number four. Jefferson was in between them

What were the achievements of John Madison?

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Is there a president named john Madison?

no- but James Madison was the 4th US President.

What is Madison Ivy real name?


What has the author John H Madison written?

John H. Madison has written: 'Practical turfgrass management' -- subject(s): Turf management, Turfgrasses

Who were the three individuals who authored the Federalist Papers?

James Madison,Alexander Hamilton,and John Jay John Jay, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton

When was John Tench born?

John Tench was born in Madison, in Wisconsin, USA.

Who were Thomas Jefferson friends?

Madison and john Adams

Who became a soldier while they were president?

John Madison.

Who was John Quincy Adams predecessor?

James MAdison

Did John Adam write the constitution?

no it was James Madison

Who is the lightest president?

James Madison

Who wrote the federalist essays?

Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay.The Federalist was a series of essays written by John Jay, Alexander Hamilton and James Madison.

Where is the Deacon John Grave House in Madison Connecticut located?

The address of the Deacon John Grave House is: Po Box 651, Madison, CT 06443-0651

Did James Madison have a son?

James Madison and Dolley Madison never had children but Dolley had one child beforre she met James Madison. That child's name was John Paine. (Dolloey's full name is Dorthea Dandling Paine Todd Madison.)

When did John Mason find New Hampshire?

John Madison found New Hampshire in 1586.

What did John Adams John Marshall and James Madison have in common?

They were all members of the Federalist Party.

What has the author John Francis Temple written?

John Francis Temple has written: 'James Madison'

Who were first 3 presidents who lived in White House?

They were John Adams, Jefferson and Madison. Madison had to leave after the British burned it.

Who built the Washington Monument?

James Madison and John Marshall

Who inspired don cherry?

James Madison and John Wayne.

How are James Madison and John Adams alike?

both presidents

Where is dolley Madison from?

Originally she was from Montpelier, Virginia. She married a John Payne Todd from Philadelphia and lived there until she remarried James Madison.

Did Dolley Madison have a son?

Dolley Madison had two sons with her first husband John Todd. Their names were John Payne Todd and William Temple Todd. Her first husband and son William both died of yellow fever in 1793. She married James Madison in 1794 and the couple raised her son John Payne Todd.