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The Korean War was due to the Invasion of South Korea by North Korea. Later in this war, the Chinese came to the aid of North Korea.

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Q: Who was Korean War against?
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Related questions

Is the Korean War and the Vietnam war the same thing?

Idiot, of course it isn't, the vietname war was against the vietcong, the Korean war against the north Koreans.

Why did the US get involed with the Korean War?

The Korean War was the FIRST "Hot" battle of the Cold War; a war against communism.

How is the Korean War and the Iraq War similar?

No comparision. The Korean War was fought against a determined organized enemy.

How did the Korean War affected on history?

The Korean War was the FIRST "Hot" Battle of the Cold War; a war against communist aggression.

What events led up to the Korean War against the US?

The Korean War was the First "Hot" battle of the Cold War.

What people are against the Korean War?


What did president Truman do to help the Korean?

Why was President Truman against declaring war on China during the Korean War

What war was it when the US fought on the side of South Korea against China and North Korea?

The Korean War (Korean Conflict)

How is the Korean War justified?

The war against communist aggression justified it (Cold War).

What was a major difference between the Korean War and the Vietnam War?

The Korean War was a United Nations force supporting South Korea against a North Korean-Chinese invasion. The Vietnam War was a US-led coalition supporting South Vietnam against a North Vietnam invasion supported by China and Russia.

Did American troops and south Korean troops fight against each other during the Korean war?

No, they fought together against the North Koreans.

What was the purpose of US involvement in the Korean war?

to stop north korean aggression against south korea

How are the Korean war and the Vietnam war alike?

Both fought against communist aggression.

What were the similarities between the Vietnam war and the Korean war?

Both fought against communism.

Which was the only war fought by the US against the Soviet Union?

The Korean war was fought against North Koreans and Russian servicemen.

How are the effects of the Korean War and Vietnam war similar?

They were both "hot battles" of the cold war (against communism).

What is the Korean Crisis?

Potential for nuclear war against the USSR in 1950.

Can the US of America make a civil war against north Korea?

A Korean Civil War would pit Koreans against Koreans.

What impact did the Korean War have on American citizens?

The Korean War highlighted the war against communism to the minds of US Citizens, e.g. the slogan(s) "...Better Dead than Red..." etc.

Why was president truman against declaring war on china during the korean?

One reason President Truman was against declaring war on China during the Korean war was because he was afraid that the Soviet Union might side with China. He thought it might cause the start of World War 3.

How are the conflicts in the Vietnam war similar to the conflicts in the Korean War?

Both wars were fought against communism.

What did General Douglas MacArthur argue that the Korean War should do?

use of atomic weapons against north korean and chinese forces

How did the Korean War affect American Domestic and International policy?

The Korean War was a PHYSICAL CONFRONTATION against communist aggression. The world now knew that US policy can get physical.

Who was fighting in the Korean War?

the UK, US and Australia against north Korea

The 1970 film MASH is set against the backdrop of what major war?