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Q: Who was Samuel Morse's wife?
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Related questions

How did Samuel morses second wife die?

She Died of Polio

What was Samuel Morses Fathers name?

Jedidiah Morse

What was Samuel morses first message?

What hath god wrought this is the real answer by Krystalia

How did Samuel morses invention change communication in the us?

it allowed people to send messages almost instantly (NovaNet)

Did Samuel kill his wife?

I doubt if samuel really did have a wife.

Did Samuel Slater have a wife?

Samuel Slater did have a wife. Her name was Hannah.

Who was Samuel De Champlain's Wife?

samuel de champlain's wife was helene boulle

Did Samuel Francis Smith have a wife?

Yes, Samuel wife was Mary White Smith. She had the same surname as Samuel. I am his GG Grandaughter.

How old was Samuel Pepys's wife when they got married?

Elisabeth Pepys (Samuel Pepys's wife) was 14 years old when she married Samuel Pepys.

What was the age of Samuel de Champlain's wife?

Samuel de Champlain's Wife was twelve years old when married her

Who was the wife of the prophet Samuel?

For Samuel in the Old Testament or Samuel the Lamanite, I think the answer is the same... we don't know. For the Old Testament prophet Samuel, it talks about his mother and Father and his sons, but not about his wife (as far as I can tell in an admittedly cursory search). For the Book of Mormon prophet Samuel (the Lamanite) it doesn't mention his family at all.

What was inspector morses christian name?


Who is Samuel de Champlain wife?

Samuel de Champlain's wife is Helene Boulle. Get dis, they married when Helene Boulle when she was 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How old was Samuel Pepys's wife?

Elisabeth Pepys (Samuel Pepys's wife) died on November 10, 1669 (aged 29).

Who was Samuel's wife?

I do not think it is mentioned in the bible.

Who was the wife of Nabal in the Books of Samuel?

1 Samuel 25:14 Abigail

Who was Samuel slater's mother?

Samuel Slater's father was William Slater and his mother's name was Elizabeth. Samuel was married twice. His first wife was Hannah Wilkinson Slater and his second wife was Esther Slater.

Did Samuel slater have kids?

It does not appear that Samuel Slate had children. There is no mention of children or even a wife in Samuel Slater's biography.

How old was Hannah when she had Samuel?

Hannah might have been old when she had Samuel, as the other wife had several children.

Inspector morses first name?

His first name is Endeavour.

Who was Hannah in The Bible?

The mother of the prophet Samuel and wife of Elkanah (1 Samuel ch.1).

How many wives did Samuel Adams have?

Founding Father Samuel Adams was married two times. His first wife was Elizabeth Checkley and his second wife Elizabeth Wells.

Who is the wife of Nabal in the Books of Samuel?


Did Samuel de Champlain have children?

No, but he did have a wife

Does Samuel de Champlain have a wife?