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Who was elected in 1808 and 1812?

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James Madison was elected in 1808 and 1812.

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When was James Madison elected president?

Madison was elected in 1808 and again in 1812.

What year was Madison elected president?


When did James Madison get elected for president?


Who was the elected president of the US in 1808?

James Madison.

When was James Madison elected a president?

He won the election of 1808.

When was James Madison elected?

Madison was elected in November of 1808 and took office on March 4, 1809

Who was the king of Spain in 1812?

Joseph I of Spain was the King of Spain between 1808 and 1813.

Who was the president in the 1810's?

James Madison was elected President in 1808 & 1812, and he served from March 4, 1809 until March 3, 1817.James Monroe was elected President in 1816 & 1820, and he served from March 4, 1817 until March 3, 1825.

Who was elected president in 1808?

Thomas Jefferson was president from 1801-1809.

Who was inaugurated as the new president in 1808?

James Madison was elected U. S. President in 1808. His first inauguration was on March 4, 1809.

Who was elected president in 1809?

1809 was not an election year. James Madisonwas elected in 1808 and took office in March of 1809.

When did James Madison get elected?

He was elected 1808. He took office March 4, 1809 through March 3, 1817.

When did James Madison become the US president?

James Madison became president on 1808 to 1812. Then he was reelected from 1812 to 1816James Madison was President from 1809-1817.

How many electoral votes did James Madison get?

He won with 122 votes in 1808 and 228 votes in 1812.

James Madison became president on?

James Madison was elected president in 1807. He was re-elected in 1812.

When John Adams was elected president what was going on?

war of 1812

What happened in 1808?

The year 1808 marks a significant time period in American history. It was the year that ended the African slave trade. James Madison was also elected as President.

What did James Madison do in 1812?

I believe he was elected president. !!Boweezie10 owns!!

What was James Madisons term?

He was elected in 1808 and served two terms, so that would be 1809 to 1817.

What after Abraham Lincoln was elected president?

Andrew Johnson ( 1808-1875) - Former office - Vice-President

What day was James Madison elected president?

Election day was November 8, when Madison was first elected president . It was on November 3 in 1812 when he was elected for a second ter

What hero from war 1812 was elected president in 1828?

John Quincy Adams

How did James Madison get re-elected for his second term?

December 2, 1812

What war was in 1814?

The war of 1812 ended in 1814. The Creek Indian War was in 1813 to 1814. There was also the Peninsular War (1808-1814) in Europe.

Who was the Vice-President of the United States in 1808?

George Clinton (born July 26, 1739 in Little Britain, New York; died April 20, 1812 in Washington DC) succeeded Aaron Burr as the fourth vice-President of the United States, serving between March 4, 1805 and his death on April 20, 1812, including the whole of 1808.

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