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Who was king Henry and what did he do?

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he was a mean person who lived with mean people in a mean castle on a mean hill in a mean country in a mean continent in a mean world in a mean solar system in a mean galaxy in a mean universe in a mean dimension

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Did King Henry VIII have King Henry the 7 as a brother?

No, King Henry VII was King Henry VIII's father.

What year did prince Henry of Spain become king?

king henry became king in 1454 (they did not wish to have henry as their king)

Was King Henry VIII a fair king?

It is not known if King Henry VIII was seen as a fair king. King Henry VIII ruled from 1509 to 1547.

A sentence for King Henry VIII?

Here is a sentence for King Henry VIII. King Henry was the son of Elizabeth of York and Henry VII of England.

Which King Henry had 6 wives?

King Henry 8th had 6 wives.

Of which country was Henry VIII king?

Henry VIII was King of England and Lord (later king) of IrelandHenry was King of England and later Ireland

Was king henry 8th the king of england?

Henry was King of England, Ireland, and France.

Who was the worst king King John or king Henry?

my friend it is king henry because king john is a good king in them days

Was King Henry a myth or did he exist?

King Henry was an actual person.

Who was the pope when King Henry was alive?

Which King Henry? There have been several.

Why was Henry VII a bad king?

No. But Henry VIII was bad king.

What country was King Henry VII king of?

Henry VII was King of England and Lord of Ireland.

What king is generally given credit for standardizing linear measurement?

king Henry king Henry

Was bad King John before Henry the VIII?

bad king john was before king Henry VIII

When did King Henry IV become king?

King Henry IV of England became king on 30 September 1399.

Why was Henry the eight the king?

Henry was made king after his father died, but the real question is was he a good king or a bad king?

Who did King Henry VIII choose to succeed him?

King Edwardthe 1st succeeded King Henry VIII.

Was king stephan of England the son of king Henry the first?

King Stephen was Henry I's brother.

Who become king when King Henry VII's son died?

henry VIII'S son king edward

Did King Henry VIII have a brother?

Henry viii did have a brother and it was Arthur King.

When was Henry King born?

Henry King was born on January 24, 1886.

What was King Henry vii last name?

King Henry VII was a Tudor.

What war did King Henry I fight in?

King Henry I fought in the the Battle of Tinchebrai.

Did King Henry vi get married?

If youre talking about king henry the 6th then` no

When was John Henry King born?

John Henry King was born in 1880.