Who was king soloman?

Updated: 8/23/2023
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King Solomon was...King Solomom is an important Biblical figure. he is the son of King David, and was the wisest man to ever live, and as The Bible puts it, the wisest man who ever will live. Quick story about him, two mothers lived in a house with their babies, one baby died, the mother of the dead baby switched them, so she had the live baby, snf said otherwise. They couldn't figure out whos' it was (oddly enough) so they asked Solomon to figure it out for them, and he told his sodier to cut the baby in two, and give one half to each mother, at which point the real mother said to let the other mother take the baby and thus spare his life, and then Solomon knew who was the real mom

There are many theorys sorrounding King Soloman, one of which I find interesting (and my researched has bored out much of this theory as fact), is that King Solomon was a conglamoration of many different Kings and that the wisdom of the many were attributed to the one. Also that these stories were plagerized from Egyptian history.

The stories were really about the wisdom of many different Pharohs. Which would explain why Solomons main wife (of 700), was the daughter of a Pharoh. Her name was not mentioned so that the truth could not be traced. Much of the history of the Bible doesn't make sense because much of it is the stolen legacy of Egypt. See the book Stolen Legacy, by George James.

Yes, Solomon was of African decent "I am black but comely.." [Song of Solomon 1:5]

Much of the truth (if that is what you are truly seeking), can be found (although you have to be prepared to role up your sleeves), for it has been hidden for many years.

All religions and civilization itself began in Egypt. The monuments there are Gods Footprint in the sand for those who truly seek the truth. Because modern society has been infected by the plauge of racism, the truth has been buried. Africa is the cradle of civilization and Egypt is the crown of Africa, because of this, the truth concerning our (mankinds), glorious legacy has been subverted; In order to make it appear as if black people have made no contribution to society and thereby perpetuate the idea of them as a permanent unclass, when in fact they are the civilizers of humanity and the givers of all knowledge and wisdom. Until we come full circle to recognize this truth, we will continue to wander in darkness.

There was an article in Newsweek magazine entitled TheSearch for Adam and Eve" Where science have discovered that we are all decendants of Africa. Whats the big deal? I think most of us have matured beyond the ignorance of racism, and are ready to see things as they realy are.

It is our infection with racism that has kept us from unraveling the truth, and discovering our true legacy which is waiting patiently, in the sands of Egypt, for us to discover.

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According to the Old Testament of the Bible, Solomon was the king of Israel. He reigned some time during the periods of 970 to 931 BC. Solomon was born in Jerusalem and was the son of King David.

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According to the Bible, King Solomon was the son of David. The defining legend of Solomon was his great wisdom, gifted to him by God. If there ever was a King Solomon, the Bible says that he was the wisest of kings.
Finding specific biblical examples of his wisdom proves difficult. In fact, the story of the two mothers is the only biblical account that purports to show Solomon's wisdom. Soon after God granted Solomon wisdom, two women asked for judgement over the ownership of a small baby. In this episode, Solomon gave his most famous judgement. The reader is expected to agree with Solomon when he knew that only one woman would be willing to give up her claim to the child rather than have it killed, and that woman could only have been the birth mother.

The Jewish people needed a glorious past, with both great and wise rulers, and Solomon became part of that past. So, although not actually a wise ruler on the biblical evidence, he was a wise ruler in tradition. To support this tradition, the Books of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes and even some Psalms were eventually attributed to King Solomon, although scholars can readily prove that they were actually compiled after the Babylonian Exile.

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Q: Who was king soloman?
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