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Q: Who was one of the entente lost territory in World War 1?
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Who lost more territory in World War 1?

the Germans

What was the main reason the triple Entente lost World War?

They didn't. Only Russia lost because they sued for peace. France and Britain won.

What nation lost territory after World War 1?


Who are the Entente in World War I?

The triple entente consisted of France, Russia, and Britain in WWI

What countries were involved in the World War I?

The Allies and the Entente.

Did Entente win World War 1?


Which group did the United states eventually side with in world war 1?

The triple entente

What was the end result for Bulgaria in world war 1?

Germany lost and Bulgaria lost tooBulgaria could not revive its territory

Did Germany lose 13 percent of its European or orverseas territory?

After World War 1 German lost all its overseas territory and about 15% of its territory in Europe.

Who one the World War 1 battle?

The Allies defeated the Central Powers, but barely. If America hadn't entered the conflict the Triple-Entente would have lost.

What territory lost by the Central Powers as a result of the war during World War I?

Germany lost territory to a newly-formed Poland. They also lost the French provinces of Alsace and Lorraine. The Austria-Hungarian Empire completely collapsed, as did the Ottoman Turkish one.

What Central powers nation lost the least amount territory following World War 1?

My mom