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Q: Which group of countries were known as triple entente in World War 2?
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Which group did the United states eventually side with in world war 1?

The triple entente

Which group did the US eventualli side with in world war 1?

The Triple Entente.

Why was the triple entente a major part of World War 1?

The Triple Entente was a major part of World War One because these countries made up an entire fighting force. Germany and it's allies made up this group. The Triple Entente fought is also known as the Central Powers.

Which group did the US join in World War 1?

The Triple Entente

Group did the US eventually side with in world war 1?

The Triple Entente.

Which group did the united state eventually side with world war 1?

The Triple Entente

Which group did the us eventually side with in ww1?

It was Triple Entente.

Who are the allies during ww1?

During World War I, one group of combatants was known as the Triple Alliance (or, Triple Entente). This group, which the United States joined in 1917, was led by the three major powers, Great Britain, France, and Imperial Russia.

What is triple entente 1907?

An Entente is a kind of alliance that is an agreement not to attack each other. The Triple Entente was made up of France, Britain and Russia. The Entente Powers fought the Central Powers during World War I.

Who was on the German side in World War I?

AnswerGermany was part of a group of countries called the Triple Alliance which was made up of them, Italy and Austria-Hungary.

What caused alliances in World War 1?

well it happend because some countries wanted to over power the world by invading many other countries to expand their country. These countries are known as Germany, Italy and Austria-Hungary. The countries that believed the rights of other countries and tried to stop the allies from invading were another allied group known as Britain( canada) France and the soviets(russia) also the US came in at the end Triple entente: Britain( canada), France, soviets(russia) and US The allies: Germany, Italy and Austria-Hungary

Who were the Unitied States allies during ww1?

The Americans allies consist of the U.K., France, Italy, and Japan after the Americans change from neutrality to offensive. Italy also varied from side to side. But , beforehand, the original alliance, called the Triple Entente, consist of the U.K., Russia, and France. Also Triple Alliance is related to the Germans while the Triple Entente is related to the United Kingdom initual group.