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Hitler ranted and raved obsessively against the Jews, making all kinds of ridiculous and odious accusations against them. He left the detailed planning to others.

To blame it solely on Hitler would be an over simplification, one man did not kill so many millions, there are many more people who either killed, encouraged others to kill, ordered others to kill or enabled others to kill. It is almost a personal choice as to who you hold responsible, but you cannot just hold one man responsible.

On the other hand, the entire concept of the "Final solution to the Jewish question" would never have been a "go" if Hitler had not approved it. From the"Buck Stops Here" viewpoint, Hitler was the single individual most responsible of all - though certainly not the only one responsible.


Very many people. Some might say it was Hitler, which it certainly began with... his Nazis also were part of it - they actually were the murderers. I think that a massive part of the fault is in the people who stood by and watched their dear friends be shipped off, and didn't help them. The people who didn't have Jews hiding in their basements, who could have. If the whole world of regular people had taken a stand, it would have made a huge difference.

Additional: Holocaust deniers allege that Hitler was unaware of the Jewish genocide; but Hitler's book "Mein Kampf" ("My Struggle") makes it clear that he wanted the German Reich to be rid of Jews, gypsies, homosexuals and the physically and mentally impaired. In 1939, prior to the war, Hitler had said that if "Jews and Bolsheviks" started a war with Germany, this would lead to the "extermination of the Jewish race".

Nazi apologists argue that there seem to be no written commands from Hitler ordering the genocide. However, there is documentation of a meeting in December 1941 when Hitler announced to senior Nazis that Jews were to be put to death "as partisans" [guerrillas].


Nobody has found a written order for the Holocaust signed by Hitler. However, there is a mass of other evidence. See Christopher Browning, The Origins of the Final Solution ... , University of Nebraka Press, 2004.


Well many people are responsible for the holocaust because many people in Europe knew about it and didn't do a lot to stop it so they are just as guilty as the Nazis and Adolf Hitler himself for thinking of the plan.


It has become very fashionable to accuse the bystanders of being guilty. However, it is never made clear what "people who knew and didn't do a lot to stop it" could have done in practical terms in the circumstances.


It has indeed been fashionable, since Edmund Burke first said it over two hundred years ago and amazingly apt to the events of the Holocaust. But something being fashionable does not mean that one must follow it.

In this case there is no need and indeed no possibility to say what could/should have been done in practical terms, as the effects are uncalcuable and one would be in the realm of counter-factual history (ie. fantasy) all we know and can say is that people turned their backs and bad things happened, speculation is pointless.

As to who is responsible, that is an indvidual matter for each person to decide, the Holocaust would not have happened were it not for a combination of reasons, each on their own cannot be said to be the cause, many of those reasons would not have existed without Hitler, he probably being the only one who you could say that 'without him it would not have happened', but this (arguably) should not diminish the responsibility of the others who were involved/complicit.

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Q: Who was responsible for the Holocaust?
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He didn't do it all by himself, there are many who took part in it and they are all responsible.

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