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Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, a Japanese admiral, planned the attack on pearl harbor and was in the atack.

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Was the pearl harbor a surprise attack?


What is the American perspective on the Pearl Harbor attack?

Surprise attack.

What did the Americans lose in the Pearl Harbor attack?

Surprise attack.

How was a surprise attack on pearl harbor possible?


What was the turning point in pearl harbor?

surprise attack

Who did the attack on pearl harbor?

The japenese people made a surprise attack on the U.S.

Who carried out the surprise attack on pearl harbor?

umm Japan

How much warning did the Japanese gave the Americans at Pearl Harbor?

The Japanese gave no warning of their attack on Pearl Harbor. That is why it was a successful surprise attack.

Why was attack on Pearl Harbor illegal?

the attack on Pearl Harbor wasn't illegal. The attack was a surprise by the Japanese who were dependent on the American supply of oil in the Pacific Ocean.

How Pearl Harbor led to US involvement in World War 2?

When japan did a surprise attack on pearl harbor

When did the attack on Pearl Harbor happen?

The attack on Pearl Harbor occurred on December 7, 1941. The surprise attack launched the United States into World War II.

Why was there no declaration before pearl harbor attack?

The Japanese wanted the attack to be a total surprise.

What naval base did japan surprise attack in the us?

Pearl Harbor

Which country was responsible for the Pearl Harbor attack on December seventh of 1941?

The attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th 1941 was a surprise military strike by the Japanese (Operation Z). It was a preemptive strike to stop the US entering Japanese waters.

What was responsible for the Attack on Pearl Harbor?

The Japanese are responsible for the bombing of Pearl Harbor but it was the fact that America was selling weapons to the Japanese enemy.

Who was President when Pearl Harbor was attacked?

President Franklin D. Roosevelt was in office when Pearl Harbor suffered the surprise attack of the Japanese.

Why was ataack on Pearl Harbor such a surprise to US?

the Japanese diplomats were negotiating with Washington when the sneak attack by japan was launched on Pearl Harbor...................

Was the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor a surprise attack?

Yes. The attack on pearl harbor was a military surprise attack, to distract the US and give the Japanese some time to fight Malaysia. My opinion is this: We Leaked info to the Japanese of the fleet in pearl harbor so that the American people would stand by the decision to try the newly invented hydrogen bomb period!

In what year was the bombing of Pearl Harbor?

The surprise attack and bombing by the Japanese on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, took place on December 7th, 1941.

Did Japan have some special planning for the attack at Pearl Harbor?

Just a carrier launched surprise attack.

Why was the pearl harbor attack such a tactical success for the Japanese?

There was no declaration of war before the attack, that is why it is often called a "Surprise Attack".

Why was Japan responsible for the attack on Pearl Harbor?

Because Japan planned and carried out the attack.

What was the pearl harbor during World War 2?

The site of the surprise Japanese attack .

What did the us do to prevent the pearl harbor attack?

Nothing, it was not expected and took the Americans by surprise.

What is the battle that got the us in the war?

The Japanese surprise attack upon Pearl Harbor .