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What was the postdam declaration?

The Potsdam Declaration ordered all Japanese armed forces to surrender during World War II. The repercussion for ignoring the declaration was immediate and total destruction of Japan.

Who was the Japanese emperor during the Boxer Rebellion?

Emperor Meiji.

Japanese emperor during world war 2?

Emperor Hirohito.

Who was the Japanese emperor during the Pearl Harbor attack?

Hirohito was emperor of Japan during WWII.

Japanese emperor during WW2?

Hirohito .

Who was the Japanese emperor in 1735?

The Japanese emperor during 1735 was Emperor Sakuramachi. He was the 115th emperor of Japan. He was born on February 8, 1720 and died on May 28, 1750. Served as emperor from 1735 through 1747.

Who is Emp Hirohito?

He was the Japanese Impereal Emperor during WW2 his son is now the Emperor of Japan

Who was the Japanese general in Hiroshima during the the Hiroshima bombing?

emperor horito

Who was the Japanese premier during World War 2?

Emperor Hirohito

Japanese emporer during world war 2?

Emperor Hirohito

During 1937 the Japanese wanted to provoke the US into a declaration of war?


What was the Japanese leaders political party during world war 2?

Japan had a "Monarch" government during WW2. Their monarch was headed by an Emperor; Emperor Hirohito.

Who supported Hirohito?

The Japanese, Hirohito was the Emperor of Japan during and just before WWII.

Who was in control of russia and japan during the russo-japanese war?

The Russian Tsar (Nicholas) vs the Japanese Emperor (Meiji).

Who was the head of the Japanese military in World War 2?

Emperor Showa was head of the Japanese military during the Second World War.

Who was the Japanese Emporer during the atomic bomb attack?

The emperor of Japan during WW 2 and the subsequent atomic bombing was Hirohito.

Who was the Japanese emperor during the time of General Tojo?

The emperor was Emperor Showa. Go to here (It's on the right side) :

What was emperor Hirohito best known for?

Emperor Hirohito was best known for being the Japanese Emperor during the Second World War, and the first Emperor of Japan that most Americans, British & Dutch had ever heard of. He was instrumental in forcing the Japanese government (controlled by the Army) to offer to surrender to the Allies. He was primarily a figurehead only for Japanese actions during the war, and was allowed to remain Emperor after the war by the Allied Occupation Powers. Note: the current photo above is of General Tojo, the head of the Japanese government for most of the war, and one of the primary architects of Japan's war of conquest and a war criminal.

Who was the Indian judge who ruled the Japanese emperor not guilty during the trial of war criminals?

Justice radhabinod pal

Who was the Indian judge who ruled the Japanese emperor not guilty during the trial of war of criminals?

Justice radhabinod pal

What would happen if the Japanese didn't have an Emperor?

If MacArthur (leader of the Allied Occupation of Japan) had decided to get rid of the emperor I believe that the occupation would not have been as successful as it was. The Japanese people were already devastated by losing the war so if they lost their emperor (to the Japanese people he was seen almost as a deity, the center of their Shinto religion) as well I think their spirit would have broken completely. But by keeping the emperor I also think this allowed the Japanese to play into the role of the victim. The emperor was a major part of WWII and is considered by many to have been a war criminal. By not judging him so he does not have to pay for the decisions he made during the war and so the Japanese people refuse to accept all that happened during the war (especially in China and Korea).

Who is the last emperor of china?

Puyi who was born in 1906 was the last Chinese Emperor. He was the 12th and final ruler of the Qing Dynasty and ruled as Xuantong Emperor until he abdicated in February, 1912. He was briefly restored to the throne by Zhang Xun for 12 days in 1917. During The Japanese occupation of Manchuria, he was declared the Kangde Emperor of Manchukuo by the Japanese Empire and ruled until 1945.

What were the Japanese cultural beliefs during World War 2?

The emperor is the living god. Asia is inferior to the West, and Japan has to lead it.

What was the name of the emperor of Japan during World War 2?

The emperor of Japan during WW2 was Emperor Hirohito.

Who was the Japanese military leader during World War 1?

The Emperor Hirohito was the Commander in Chief. The Emperor's Minister of War was General Tojo.