Who was the Lost Tribe in the Bible and how did they become missing?

When Shalmenzer over-ran the Kingdom of Israel (about 721 B.C), he carried the Ten Tribes comprising that that kingdom captive into Assyria. From thence they were led into the land of the north and have been called the Lost Tribes because they are lost to the knowledge of other people.

We have no knowledge of the location or condition of that part of the Ten Tribes who went into the north country.

Eventually the lost tribes will come forth and will bring with them their own scriptures, for they to had their own prophets who kept them on the straight and narrow path during their wandering into the north countries. We will have the opportunity to read those very scriptures and they to will read ours. and they shall be made into one record.

It is very probable that the Lord ministered to them, for did he not say "Other sheep I have which are not of this fold, these to must I visit. (Paraphrased).