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Who was the Roman Emperor from 192 AD-211 AD?

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December 29, 2014 10:45AM

Septimius Severus was the Roman emperor from April 193 to February 211.

Septimius Severus became the emperor in the Year of the Five Emperors, during which five men claimed the title of emperor, and was the victor in two civil wars the following four years.

Pertinax had been proclaimed emperor on 1 January 193 after the Praetorian (Imperial) Guard assassinated the emperor Commodus. He was killed by this guard on 28 March 193. The Praetorian Guard then auctioned the imperial title and a senator, Didus Julianus, became emperor. Three provincial governors, Pescennius Niger in Syria, Septimius Severus in Pannonia (in the mid-Danube area), and Clodius Albinus in Britain refused to recognize the authority of Julianus. Each commanded three legions. Septimius Severus secured the support of Albinus by declaring him Caesar, and marched on Rome. Severus was declared emperor by the senate and Pertinax was executed. He was challenged by Pescennius Niger who proclaimed himself emperor and counted on the support of allies in the eastern part of the Roman Empire. This led to a civil war between the two men which lasted for two years. After this, he was challenged by Clodius Albinus Severus had reached a power-sharing agreement with Albinus which secured his march of Rome. When it became clear that Severus, after defeating Niger, wanted sole power, Albinus declared himself emperor and another civil war ensued (196-97). Severus was victorious again.