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Who was the dictator before Hitler?

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Before Hitler, Hindenburg was the president of Germany, although he is not regarded as a dictator.

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Who was Hitler the dictator for?

Hitler was the German dictator.

What type of dictator was Hitler?

Hitler was a fascist dictator.

What was Hitler before he was dictator?

Adolph Hitler was an artist (painter of scenery) and a veteran of WWI before he took and interest in politics.

What was Hitler jobs before becoming a dictator?

He was in the German army as a messenger

Is Hitler a dictator?

He was a dictator, yes.

When did Hitler become a Dictator?

Hitler becomed dictator after Hindenburg died in 1934.

When did Hitler become dictator?

Adolf Hitler became the German dictator in 1933.

What if Hitler wasnt a dictator?

Technically, Hitler wasn't a dictator because he was elected.

How did Hitler became the German dictator?

Hitler became the dictator of Germany before world war I b occurring dictatorship in order to occur the land of German and be the leader or the monarch

Was Adolf Hitler the dictator?

Yes he was a dictator.

Was hitler a dictator-?

Yes, Hitler was a dictator who established control over Nazi Germany.

Was Hitler a total dictator?

Yes, a dictator for life.

Was Hitler a dictator of Russia?

Adolf Hitler was the Nazi dictator of Germany. Josef Stalin was the Communist dictator of the Soviet Union (that includes Russia).

Was Adolf Hitler a president or a dictator?

Adolf Hitler was a dictator. He considered himself Fuhrer and Chancellor of Germany.

How was Hitler able to become dictator?

he just declared he was dictator

Was Adolf Hitler a German dictator?

Yes Adolf was a dictator

Was Hitler a dictator or a murderer?

in my opinion he was both. but mostly a dictator then a murderer

Was Adolf Hitler a successful dictator?

Yes, he was definitely a successful dictator.

What dictators were in allies and axis powers?

allie dictator was stalon dictator of Russia, the axis dictator was Hitler

How long was Adolf Hitler a dictator?

Hitler took power in 1934 but didnt really become a "dictator" til about 36 or 37.

Who became dictator of Germany in 1933?

Adolf Hitler was the dictator of Germany in 1933

Was the Fuhrer a dictator in Germany?

Yes. Hitler, known as the Fuhrer, was an absolute dictator.

What country was Binto Mussolini the dictator of?

He was the fascist dictator of Italy and a friend of Hitler.

Who was the famous leader that was a dictator?

One famous leader who was a dictator was Adolf Hitler.

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