Who was the first Asian American president?

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Hasn't happened yet .

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Q: Who was the first Asian American president?
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Who was the first president of Indian heritage?

There has never been a president of the United States with an Indian heritage. That applies to American Indian or South Asian extraction.

What year did the first Asian american come to America?

the first Asian come to America came in 1843

Who is the first Asian women president?

The Late president of Sri Lanka, Mrs Bhandaranaike. Correct-First Asian Female president is Corazan Aquino of Philippines.Late Sirimavo Bhandarnaike was PM of Srilanka(First Female PM of World )

Was any presidents a slave?

Obama is our first black president. All 43 have been white rich guys. No woman, Hispanic, Asian, or Native American have been president either.

Which Asian country did Barack Obama visit first as president?


Who was the first Asian American governor in the US?

George Ariyoshi

Is Barack Obama the first American president of the US?

No, he is the 44th president of the United Sates. However, he is the first African-American president.

Who was the first African American to become a president?

Barack Obama is the first African-American president in the White House.

Who was the first African American president to ever run?

The president we have now. President Obama. He is african american.

Who is the first Asian-American to win the Pulitzer Prize?

Jhumpa Lahiri.

What is the first american president's name?

The answer is George Washington is the first president of America.

Is there an African American president?

Yes there is,Barack Oboma was the first African American president.

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