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Q: Who was the first Europeans To Establish Successful Colonies In The Americas?
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Why did europeans wish to establish colonies?

Europeans wished to establish colonies in the New World because they were hoping to get rich. They wanted the land, power, resources, and money.

How did Spain establish an empire in the Americas?

They establish an empire by making colonies to increase wealth and power

Why did the Europeans establish colonies?

They did this because they wanted to expand their terriotory.

Why did the Europeans nations compete for control over the territory in the Americas?

Nations of Europe saw that the Americas, the continents of the Western Hemisphere were rich in natural resources including precious metals such as gold and silver. The Americas, were in their eyes, virgin lands, in which they could establish colonies to aid their economies and to create military posts to protect the resources they claimed and to expand the power of their armies by having new bases of operations. Europeans were successful in establishing control in the Americas, because the Native Tribes that inhabited the lands could not effectively fight against Europeans and their advance weapons such as muskets and cannons.

Why did Europeans want to establish colonies?

Colonies allowed Europeans to gains raw material that could be used for trade and militarization. Colonization was the basis for imperialism.

Who were the first Europeans to establish a permanent settlement in north America?

The first known Europeans to reach the Americas were the Vikings (Norse) during the 11th century, who established several colonies in Greenland.

Why did Spain explore and establish colonies in the Americas?

To increase wealth and power of the empire.

Why did the European nations want to establish colonies in the Americas?

Gold, Glory, and God!

Why did Europeans countries establish colonies in the Americas?

this was because the countries wanted to have a Colene so badly that they were competing against each other.

Joint stock companies were organizations meant to establish colonies in the Americas by people from?


What was the reason Samuel De Champlain came to the Americas?

he wanted to establish french colonies

When did the europeans start colonies in the Americas?

The Spanish started colonies in the Caribbean, Mexico and Central/South America in the early sixteenth century.

Who were the first Europeans to colonize in the Americas?

The Vikings were the first Europeans to plant settlements in the Americas, nearly 1000 years ago in what is now Labrador Island, Canada. However, these did not survive. The Spaniards were the first Europeans to colonize in the Americas and create lasting colonies, beginning in 1493 in what is now the Dominican Republic.

What became Latin Americas first goal after the colonies became independent?

establish a stable government

What effect did Europe's Colonies have on Europe?

European colonies brought riches and labor to Europe. It also presented a new place for Europeans to move to, in order to start a new. This was more successful in the First Age of Imperialism, which focused on the Americas. The Second Age of Imperialism, focusing on Africa and Asia, did not bring about much immigration of Europeans.

Who was successful in all their attempts to to establish colonies in the new world?

English, Spanish, French

The rush among European powers to establish colonies in the Americas can BEST be described as?

spread Christianity around the world

How was European imperialism similar in India and Africa?

Europeans used military force to dominate native peoples and establish permanent colonies.

What was the voyage to the Americas colonies like for both Europeans and African captives?

the reason was because they had slaves back then wrong right this down

Why did Europeans establish colonies in Africa?

The African continent was full of resources (wood, gems, spices, etc) that the European nations did not have and needed.

Why would Europe want to unite?

Nations were able to explore and establish colonies in other parts of the world, including Afeerica, asia, and the Americas.

What was result of the europeans search for the passage with a cause and effect?

The French and the Dutch instead discovered rivers and founded successful colonies.

Why was it unprofitable for Europeans to establish large colonies in Africa during the 1400 and 1500?

African peoples put up too much resistance

Why was it unprofitable for Europeans to establish large colonies in Africa during the 1400s and 1500s?

African peoples put up too much resistance

What were the reasons of europeans to establish colonial economy?

In these colonies were products(like coffee and tea) that weren't available in Europe, so there the European merchants get these productss out of there colonies and sold them in Europe and they made a fortune out of it.

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