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Lavinia Fisher was the first female serial killer who killed a known 19 people in the late 19th century. She was to be hanged on 18 February 1820, and once the noose was attached she jumped off the gallows committing suicide instead.

Belle Gunness (1896 - 1908) aka 'Lady Bluebeard' was labeled as a Black Widow (women who kill men in particular.) On a farm outside of Chicago she killed 49 people, including multiple husbands, ranch workers, children she adopted and killed them by poison. She set up a ranch worker to take the fall for it (he died in prison) and she was never brought to justice.

Ellen Etheridge (1912 - 1913) was 22 years old. She married a Texas millionaire and inherited 8 of his children and she killed off three at a time by arsenic poisoning. She served life in prison.

Martha Wise (1924 - 1925) aka 'the Borgia of America' was a 39 year old widow from Ohio. When her family opposed her marrying a younger man she used arsenic to kill three of her family members, but the family became suspicious and reported her to police. She not only admitted to the three murders, but burning down the church because the minister had been reluctant to marry her and her lover. She served life in prison.

Killers who are females are rare or unknown only because they are more cunning and society prefers to see a serial killer as a male. Some have even been known as 'contract killers' and are for hire. Some work with a male partner and, although rare, some will work with a female partner. Some work in groups such as 'Charles Manson Group'. Women are generally more successful at being serial killers (a serial killer is considered one with three or more victims) and are intelligent, resourceful and more careful than the male serial killers. Many kill for money (marrying, murdering their husband and remarrying, thus, 'The Black Widow.'

The best known to the American public was Aileen Wuornos, born Aileen Carol Pittman, executed in 2002 by lethal injection in Florida. She was convicted of murdering six men who had picked her up as a hitchhiker.

Dorothea Puente, a seemingly kindly landlady in California, was accused of murdering nine of her elderly tenants in order to take their pension checks that continued to come to her house. Authorities found six bodies buried in her yard, but she was only convicted of three of the murders. In 1993, she was sentenced to life in prison at age of 64.

There are many more female serial killers that could be named, but the above is to show that these are the female serial killers that were caught and there were more before them and female serial killers are on the rise now. They are more crafty and less likely to be caught.

Lavinia Fisher was not a serial killer. The story of her career is filled with apocryphal legend.''Here are some early cases (from "Female Serial Killers of 19th Century America")

1829 - Martha "Patty" Cannon - Maryland/Delaware state line

1840 - Kinney, Hannah Hanson - Boston & Lowell, Massachusetts

1845 - Mrs. Elizabeth Reed - Lawrenceville, Illinois
1851 - Rachel Clark - Carlisle, Pennsylvania
1851 - Nancy Farrer - Cincinnati, Ohio
1852 - Nancy Hufford - Cumberland, Md., Somerset, Pa.
1857 - Polly Frisch (Hoag) - Alabama, Genessee County, New York
1857 - Elizabeth Routt - Hazel Green, Tennessee
1858 - Lydia Studley - Valley Falls, Rhode Island

1858 - Phebe Westlake (nee Irwin) - Chester, New York

1860 - Mary Jane "Bricktop" Jackson - New Orleans, Louisiana

1860 - Elizabeth P. McCraney - Lancaster, Wisconsin; Medford, Otsego, N. Y.

1865 - Martha Grinder - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

1869 - "Gardiner, Maine Black Widow Serial Killer" - Gardiner, Maine
1869 - Mrs. Wahle - Jacksonville, Illinois

1869 - Mrs. White - Lafayette Township, Sussex County, New Jersey

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Q: Who was the first known female serial killer in the US?
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The killer in Scream is known as Ghostface. In the movie he is a serial killer, but he is a fictional character.

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Who is the all time best serial killer?

There is no 'all time best' serial killer. But probably the best known would have to be Jack The Ripper.

What crime is the Zodiac Killer famous for?

The Zodiac is known as a serial killer in California in the 1960's and 1970's.

First female seria killer in the world?

Aileen Wuornos, arguably the U.S.'s first female serial killer, was put to death on October 9, 2002 in a state prison outside of Starke, Florida. Convicted for the deaths of six men, the "Damsel of Death" was a known prostitute who claimed her middle-aged victims tried to rape her and that she had killed in self-defense. I have an update. AW was not the first serial killer nor the worse in the us. This was a label the media gave her. In 1906 Belle Gunness placed adds in newspapers to seek company of males. As the adds were corresponded males started dissapearing. She showed male temperament as Aileen did.This is keeping the records from the 1900s to date since there are documented cases of serial killer woman before that.

Kansas serial murders?

Kansas has it's well known convicted serial killer named Dennis Lynn Rader known as the BTK killer. Richard Grissom also from kansas was a serial killer aprehended for the killing of 3 women. Another serial killer was aprehended in Kansas even dough he was from Illioins, was John Edward Robinson. In the related links box below, I posted the THE BLOODY BENDERS article. It has the Mass Murderers from the History of Kansas.

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Jack the ripper was the first serial killer who made the media headlines and thus the first serial killer with workdwide coverage. Another serial killer did something uncomon. Dennis Rader know as the BTK killer, killed for 30 years. After years he came back to kill again until he was aprehended.Some serial killers have something unique that has persons looking for the information.Probably Jack Bauer. It is spelled serial by the way.There are many infamous serial killers. One very well-known serial killer who named himself Jack the Ripper. Jack the Ripper was a murder in 1888. He murdered five women, all where prostitutes and most were stabbed repeatedly below the waist. Jack the Ripper was very well-known for sending letters signed with his self christened name. Another interesting fact that still baffles the world is the real identity of Jack the Ripper.Note: The word infamous is a better word to describe people famous for wrong doings, like serial killers.

Who got hanged in south Africa in 1955?

There was a serial killer known as Elifasi Msomi, otherwise known as "The Axe Killer" who was convicted of 15 murders and was sentenced to be hung until dead, in 1955.

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If you mean a serial killer this is a person who will kill more than 2 people at different intervals eg: Jeffrey Dhalmer or Ted Bundy. a serial killer has been known to kill up to 30 or 40 people within a couple of years.

Who is the most brutal serial killer in history?

The most well known for brutality would be Jack the Ripper.

Who is Russia's top serial killer?

Russia's best known serial killer is probably Andrei Chikatilo, who was convicted of at 52 murders, but as with many serial killers the total may be much higher. Chikatilo was executed on February 14, 1994. Below is a link to a complete list of Russian serial killers.

Who is known as 'The Smiling Serial Killer of Indonesia'?

His name is Idham Henyansyah aka Ryan. Hi's known as The Smiling Serial Killer from Indonesia. He is charged of bludgeoning 10 victims and burying them in his parents backyard. He was caught spreading the reamins of his 11th victim through south Jakarta.

Where can you find a list of the worst female serial killers?

Wikipedia serial killers by country. This lists both sexes so you will have to pick out the females as needed. ANSWER: Wilkipedia's list of female serial killers is woefully out of date. There are well over 600 known cases. The best (by far) introduction to the "worst" female serial killers is: The World's Creepiest Female Serial Killers. (online)

Who was the first serial killer in Missouri?

The only serial killer I could find for Missouri is Robert Berdella who in 1988 killed 6 men in Kansas City, MO. An important point to keep in mind is prior to WWII little was known about this kind of killer. It is very possible that Berdella was not the first serial killer in Missouri, but just the first that was held accountable for his crimes. Many times bodies are found but may not be associated with other crimes in the area. Today's crime fighters have the advantage of information at their fingertips with computers that link not just within a single country but with INTERPOL that connects on a world-wide level.

Who was Richard gwilym?

Richard Gwilym is an infamous Welsh serial killer, better known by his nicknames, the "Cardiff Ripper".

Did you know your God is the greatest serial killer and mass murder ever known to man?

economic issues in Nigeria

When was the term serial killer first used?

It's not known for certain. The term is often credited to former FBI Special Agent Robert Ressler in 1974, however the terms "serial murder" and "serial murderer" are reported to appear in a 1966 book The Meaning of Murder by John Brophy.

What were randy steven krafts' motives?

His name is Randy Steven Kraft known as The Freeway Killer or The Score-Card Killer. He had an antisycotic personality as most serial killers do or had.

What crimes did the Zodiac Killer commit?

Nothing definitive is known about the Zodiac's background since he was never caught. But his crimes were murders since he was a serial killer. He killed with a pistol and with a knife.

Who is the most prominant serial killer?

Although there are others that have more victims and this could be subject to a person's opinion, Jack The Ripper still remains the most well known serial killer of all time. In second place would be Ted Bundy.

How rare are female serial killers?

Vronsky lists 140. The Unknown History of MISANDRY"Female Serial Killer Index," however, includes a great many more that are not on Vronsky's list. No thorough study of pre-1970s female serial killers has ever been conducted, but the latest total of known FSKs is close to 400. 1925 was a big year for FSKs. One US newspaper article even has pictures of 3 FSKs featured in concuurrent prosecutions: Wise, Sorenson & Cunningham.

What was the BTK killer known for?

Dennis Rader is an American serial killer who was coined by the media as the BTK Killer. BTK stood for Bind, Torture, Kill. He was known for sending messages to the police and local news outlets that included details of the killings. He was arrested in 2005 and is serving 10 life sentences.

For the psychopath becoming adept as a serial killer requires perfecting?

serial killers are hard to catch because most likely their victim is not related or known before. There are no skills that requires perfecting.

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Three, but it cannot be Spree Murders or Mass Murders.

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