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Archduke Franz Ferdinand. That's how the war started.

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Q: Who was the first man killed in World War 1?
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How man English soldiers died during world war 2?

383,800 British Soldiers were killed during World War 2.

What man was killed and stated World War 1 what was his name?

Archduke Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary

What is Ferdinand Magellan best known for?

First man to sail around the world. He was killed in the Philippines, but his ship and crew made it home.

Who was the first man to die in world in world war 2?

my sents of humor

What was the cause of the first and World War 2?

The First World War was caused by a man in Germany getting shot. The Second World War was caused by Hitler not liking the Treaty of Versail.

Who was the first man killed in Sweeney Todd?

In the 2007 movie, the first man Sweeney killed was Adolfo Pirelli

How did Louis riel start the war?

He killed a man.

What war were the men fighting in in the poem the man he killed?

The Boer War probably.

Who was the man that predicted World War 1 and World War 2?

Jeremy Capald is the man who predicted World War I and World War II!!

Why was world war a world war?

It was a World War because a man killed the archduke of Austria-Hungary in Sebia. Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. Serbia had an alliance with Russia and then Russia joined the war. Russia was in the Triple Entante and pulled Britain and France into the war. Austria-Hungary had alliances with Germany and the Ottoman Empire. They also joined the war. That is why World War I was a world war.

How many solders went to Gallipoli in world war 1?

2,721 man want to the Gallipoli war

Was crispus atticus the first man killed in the Boston massacre?

Crispus Attucks was the first person killed at the Boston Massacre. He is also said to be the first death of the American Revolution.