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The Bismarck was a 2nd World War Battleship not a First World War battleship. You are getting the ship confused with the man: "Otto Von Bismarck" after whom the battleship was named. Bismarck was the Minister President of the Kingdom of Prussia, who then became the First Chancellor of the German Empire.

To answer your question here's a map of where the Bismarck was sunk.

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Q: Where was the battle ship the 'Bismarck' sunk during World War 1?
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What was the British ship sunk by Germans during World War 1 name?

The Bismarck .

Why was the ship Bismarck important?

It's an important BRITISH battle; as the British fought it, and won it.

What was the ship that had the most casualties during the World War 2 attack?

The HMS Hood who lost 1,418 of her crew with only three men who survived ; she had been sunk by the German ship Bismarck .

Was there a ship called 'Olympus' during World War 2 or the Korean War?

no but it was a battle ship During the Korean war called USS mount Olympus

What was the German super ship?

The Bismarck .

What was the Bismarck battleship's cargo?

Bismarck was not a cargo ship, it was a 15 inch gunned battlewagon.

What was the name of the most decorated ship during World War 2?

I am under the impression that it was the USS ENTERPRISE. The one battleship that truly revolutionized the modern battle ship

What famous ship did the Bismarck sink?

Hood (battlecruiser)

What is bigger the Grafspree or the Bismarck?

Bismarck, by far. Bismarck was a sister ship of the Tirpitz. Graf Spee had 2 sister ships, the Deutchland & the Admiral Scheer.

What was the last Japanese ship sunk in World War 2?

The last big one was the Yamato during the Okinawa battle in April 1945.

How many men survived the sinking of the Hood by Bismarck in World War 2?

Three, out of a ship's complement of nearly two thousand.

Who had the Bismarck ship World War 2?

The battle cruiser Bismarck was a German fast battleship and was intended to be a commerce raider, sinking merchant vessels bringing American war material to England. It made a single sortie into the North Atlantic, sinking the British battleship HMS Hood, but receiving minor damage from the HMS Prince of Wales. The commander of the Bismarck knew that most of the Royal Navy was hunting for them, so he chose to make a high-speed run to the French port of Brest. They didn't make it. The aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal launched a wave of Swordfish aircraft against the Bismarck. In what must have been the luckiest shot of World War 2, an air-dropped torpedo struck the stern of the Bismarck and apparently jammed its rudder, and the ship began to steer in circles. This delay allowed the British fleet to catch up with and sink the Bismarck.