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Pope John-Paul II, who was elected on October 16, 1978.

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Why was it unusual for Pope John Paul II to be Polish?

He was the first non-Italian pope to be elected in about 450 years.

Who was the first non Italian pope in four hundred fifty years?

Pope John Paul II from Poland and was elected in October of 1978 as the first non-Italian in 450 years.

In May 1982 what happened in Britain for the first time in 450 years?

A Catholic pope - Pope John Paul II - visited England in 1982.

When was Pope Hormisdas born?

Pope Hormisdas was born in 450.

Beside Pope John Paul II who was last non Italian pope?

Pope John Paul Paul II WAS the last non-Italian pope in 450 years. He was from Poland and was followed by Pope Benedict XVI from Germany. Pope Francis from Argentina followed Benedict.

How many years is 450 weeks?

450 weeks is 8.62 years.

How much is 450 years in a century?

It is not possible to fit 450 years in a century.

Who will be the president of the US in 450 years?

The person that will be president of the US in 450 years has not been born yet. In 450 years, the year will be 2463. On average, a present is between 40 and 60 years old.

What is the sum first 450 consecutive odd numbers?

The sum of the first 450 consecutive odd numbers is 450 squared or 202,500.

What years does the 45th decade include?

Years 441 to 450

When did plants evolve?

Plants in the sea evolved about 3,600 million years ago. The first algal scum on land about 1,200 million years ago, The first first land plants appeared around 450 million years ago in the Ordovician period.

What year was it 450 years ago?

It was 1562.

How many years have plants been around?

450 million years

How manys years are between 450 BC and 200 AD?

Remembering that there was no year zero, there were 649 years between 450 BC and 200 AD.

what is 390 pluse something equl 450?


Where and when did the first plant evolve?

Fossils of the earliest land plants come from the Ordovician period (roughly 450 million years ago).

How many years are in 4.5 centuries?

4.5 centuries is 450 years. There are 100 years in a century.

How long were the periods when rome was a republic?

About 450 years

When was the leather ball invented?

450 years ago

Rocky Mountains were underwater how many years ago?

450 million years ago

What is the simple interest for a principal of 450 invested at a rate of 8 percent for 2 years?

450*8/100*2 = 72

How long ago was 450 BC?

2461 years ago.

What era did sand sharks first appear?

Sharks were first found to have existed in the Ordovician Period which was 450-420 million years ago. Sand sharks are also known as nurse sharks.

When was the idea of the atom first introduced?

450 b.c

What were the two years they made the Honda rebel 450?

1986 and 1987

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