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well i know the answer from reading not by looking it up okay nlittle lazy blahhhh Colombia rocks Michelle rocks liake rivera middle school rockspeace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Q: Who was the first overseer?
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How do you write a good manifesto as a compound overseer overseer?

what will be your work if u are a copound overseer

In the reading in the first letter what does Jim a slave ask of the overseer?

He asked the overseer to let him take another slave (Mary) as a wife. They were given leave to marry.

What is a sentence for overseer?

The overseer was cruel to the slaves.He had too much work so he had to hire an overseer.

Can you use the word Overseer in a sentence?

Jack was promoted to overseer of the manufacturing department.

Can you give me a sentence with the word overseer?

I am the overseer of your imminent death.

What is a synonym for the word overseer?

A couple of synonyms for overseer are foreman and master.

What is a circuit overseer in Tagalog?

circuit overseer in Tagalog: tagapamahala ng balantok

What actors and actresses appeared in The Overworked Oversea Overseer - 1916?

The cast of The Overworked Oversea Overseer - 1916 includes: Claude Cooper as The Overseer

What is the job of a slave overseer?

In colonial times, an overseer was the boss of day-to-day slave activities. The overseer did whatever he needed to do to make sure slaves did their job.

When did Professor X the Overseer die?

Professor X the Overseer died on 2006-03-17.

When was Professor X the Overseer born?

Professor X the Overseer was born on 1956-08-04.

Manifesto on compound overseer?

yes it may die faster than you think

What is an economic overseer?

An Economic Overseer is where a person helps grow the economy to help jobs for the community and service.

In the third letter of the reading An Overseer Writes To A Planter why does the overseer wish to leave his job?

in the reading my life in the south what was the response of the boys father and mother when the author complained as a child about his treatment by the overseer?

Who is a plantation manager?


What is a overseer?

A supervisor or superintendent.

Who controled the slaves?

The overseer

Why does Frederick Douglass say to be accused was to be convicted and to be convicted was to be punished?

He was talking about an overseer at the plantation where he worked as a child. The overseer was cruel, and even if a slave was perfectly innocent, once they were accused of wrongdoing by the overseer, they were to be punished immediately.

What is a plantation manager called?

a plantation manager is an overseer a person who oversees or manages also like a plantation

Who was the overseer in Gone With the Wind?


What is another title for Supervisor?

Overseer .

Who supervised slaves?

An overseer or slave driver

What is a OberKapo?

An Oberkapo is head overseer at a prison.

What was a black overseer called on a plantation?


Who was the overseer and what did he do?

he was in to a pig in scotland and he overseed the land