Who was the founder of India?

It is found that Indus valley civilization was there in 3000BC...cities were highly civilized.read on Wikipedia you will get exact Idea of Indus cities.this earliest civilization was developed when King Shambar was ruling India. Civilization was destroyed by Aryan Invasion. Rigveda -the Aryan scripture gives account of defeat of highly civilized Indus people.but after king Shambar ..Hiranakhya,Hirananyakashipu,Pralhad,Virochan,Bali ruled India.Among these last king Bali is very important figure still today.largest festival Diwali and onam are celebrated in his honor.after Shishu naag family ruled India.after that comes period of Buddha,who again organized society on basis of humanity.King Ashoka of Mourya Family..then Muslim ruler ruled India..then King Shivaji Rule half part.In 19th century British ruled India.after British rule Dr.Ambedkar made constitution of Morden India.currently corrupt congress is ruling India
The question is totally wrong since India as a country cannot be founded by one person.