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William Sherman

Sherman was the Northern General. Hood replaced Johnston for the South.

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the Battle of Atlanta, don't you mean north by the way? It was in Sherman's March across Georgia

There were two Battles of Bull Run as it was called in the North (or two Battles of Manassas as it was called in the South). In the first battle (1861), General McDowell was the general for the North, and General Beauregard was the general for the South. In the second battle (1862), General Pope was the general for the North, and General Lee was the general for the South.

William T. Sherman and James B. Hood were general in the battle of Atlanta.

The Confederate (south) states lost the battle.

General Ulysses S. Grant was a general for the north during the Battle of Vicksburg. Lt. General John C. Pemberton was the general for the south during the Battle of Vicksburg.

Yes. General Sherman attacked and took the city after a bloody battle.

General Sidney Johnston (no relation to Joseph E. Johnston), regarded as the best General in the South. He was killed in this battle.

The correct method to answering this question is to refer to the historically correct Orders of Battle. By using this method the following answers are true. The Order of Battle for the South at the Battle of Gettysburg was:1. General Lee 4. General Early2. General Longstreet 5. General Stuart3. General HillFor the North1. General Meade 6. General Sedwich2. General Reynolds 7. General Howard3. General Hancock 8. General Slocum4. General Sickles 9. General Pleasonton5. General SykesOrder of Battle for the South at the Battle of Atlanta1. General Johnston 4. General Polk2. General Hardee 5. General Wheeler3. General HoodFor the North- Army Commander, not Corps Commanders*1. General Sherman2. General McPherson3. General Thomas4. General Scofield* List of Corps Commanders is too long.

North: General McCllelan South: General Lee

The Confederates were led by John Hood, who lost the Battle of Atlanta, but got his men out safely. There was no surrender.

It was simply the Battle of Atlanta. Afterwards, Sherman started planning his March to the Sea, ending at Savannah.

For the North, Sherman, with the highly-rated McPherson as one of his subordinate commanders, killed at Atlanta. For the South, John Bell Hood.

In the battle of Atlanta, General Sherman effectively destroyed much of the bustling Southern city by using the scorched-Earth technique. It is credited with severely weakening Confederate morale.

General William Tecumseh Sherman led the Union forces.

The Union forces under General Sherman won the Battle of Atlanta. When General Hood left the area, he burned many buildings. When Sherman took over Atlanta, hundreds more businesses and homes were burnt.

The General that en ended the Battle Of Gettysburg was Robert E. Lee. He was the commander of the Confederate. He was with the south.

The Battle of Atlanta was on July 22nd, 1864.

The Battle of Atlanta lasted six weeks.

Battle of Ezra Church was fought after battle of Atlanta on 28 July 1864.

The battle of Atlanta was a battle of the Atlanta campaign fought during the American civil war on July 22, 1984. The battle is also known as battle of Decatur.

The inhabitant of Atlanta were forced to evacuate the city and sheltered behind the Confederate lines.

After a month of preparation, Union General Sherman was totally organized and sent forces south of Atlanta and cut off General Hood's line's of communications. This forced Bell to evacuate Atlanta and retreat. On September 2, 1864, Sherm occupied Atlanta.