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Who was the leader of Pennsylvania in history?

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William Penn, (born October 14, 1644, London, England—died July 30, 1718, Buckinghamshire), English Quaker leader and advocate of religious freedom, who oversaw the founding of the American Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a refuge for Quakers and other religious minorities of Europe.

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Th owner and leader of the state of Pennsylvania was William Penn.

William Penn founded Pennsylvania.

William Penn was the leader of Pennsylvania.

William Penn was the founder and "Absolute Proprietor" of the Province of Pennsylvania.

William Penn was when he established Pennsylvania.

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Yes. Penn had founded the colony of Pennsylvania, and was the Governer, too. He was the leader of the Quakers, as well. Pennsylvania was called the Land of the Quakers because of Penn.

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The "owner" was King Charles. He named William Penn Governor, so Penn was the "leader."

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William Penn did found Pennsylvania, but he also founded Delaware

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The colony of Pennsylvania was founded by William Penn. Penn was the leader of the Quaker religious group from England.

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Philidelphia and Pittsburgh. They are the most known cities in Pennsylvania. Philidelphia is the city that has lots of backround history of the state.