Who was the main characters in the samurai's tale I need it by now please help?

Murakami Harutomo

Murakami Harutomo is the main character of the story and is an orphan that dreams of being a samurai and a hero. Murakami is an ambitious boy who wants to become a samurai, we know that because in the story he says "I was ambitious, ever dreaming of rising above the station I occupied power and fame-yes, I wanted both."(Haugaard p.21) He is also a loyal friend because when he heard his friends had died he said, " I stayed for a while, thinking of Yoshitoki and Wada Kansuke, promising myself that I would have services said for them in the temple."(Haugaard p.209) Last he is brave because he states "I am not afraid of dying. I meant them for the young do not fear death.