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Jean- Baptiste Moilere

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Q: Who was the major playwright for French Theatre?
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Major dramatist of theatre of idea?

A playwright, also known as a dramatist, is a person who writes dramatic literature or drama.

What are the release dates for Working in the Theatre - 1976 Playwright and Director?

Working in the Theatre - 1976 Playwright and Director was released on: USA: April 1993

What was Shakespeare's role relating to the theatre?

He was a playwright and actor.

Who writes the performance in the theater?

The writer, or as they are known in the theatre, the playwright.

What famous playwright used the Globe Theatre?

William Shakespeare

Who is Nicholas ellenbogen?

A South African playwright. He writes enviromental theatre.

What did Moliere do for a living?

He was a french playwright.

How can you become a playwright?

You have to study theater and creative writing. They have a major for that. Do some research to see which colleges offer playwright as a major.

The Globe Theatre the actors might call the famous playwright by what nickname?

The Bard

Is Molière considered a classical playwright?

Yes, he is also considered the "greatest french actor-playwright"

Shakespeare worked in theater as?

An actor, then a playwright. He was also a business partner in the Globe Theatre.

What are the first 5 words you associate with shakespeare?

Playwright, poet, Elizabethan, actor, theatre.