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Audie Leon Murphy b. June 20, 1924. d. May 28, 1971.

Captain Charles Hazlitt Upham VC


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The most decorated French soldier of World War 1 was Audie Murphy. He was decorated with the Croix de guerre ribbon which was a French Legion of Honor.

the highest decorated solider was William Kingston of the 3rd brigade. he was followed by an American general scoot f. williamson.

Captain Noel Godfrey Chavasse was the most highly decorated soldier of world war 1. He was one of only three people who received the Victoria Cross twice. He was credited with saving the lives of 20 gravely wounded men and died from injuries gotten while doing so.

The most decorated American soldier of WW1 is generally considered to be George Lawson Keene. cmf3225

US Army Colonel Ruby Bradley is believed to be the most decorated female for her service during WWII and Korea.

The most decorated US soldier of WWI was Colonel William J. Donovan .

The most highly decorated "American" in the Vietnam War was British. ---------------------------------------------------- However please note that the British were not combatants in the Vietnam War, there were no British troops sent by Britian to fight in that war.

Master Sergeant Robert Rainville, who was also the second most highly decorated soldier. He had been decorated with at least one award of every decoration the military can bestow, except for the Medal of Honor. And he'd been put in for that--it was downgraded, though.

Paddy Mayne (born in Newtown Ards, Co. Down). Also seen by many as most decorated british soldier due to sheer number of medals.

Lance Corporal William Coltman of The North Staffordshire Regiment is the most decorated soldier of World War 1 with five gallantry decorations which are Victoria Cross, Distinguished Conduct Medal & Bar, and Millitary Madal & Bar.

Audie Murphy was the most decorated American soldier in World War2.

Audie Murphy: Is the most decorated soldier of WWII He is buried in Arlington Cemetery

The question is unspecific. World War 2 produced many heroes who were recognized for their heroism, and many more who were unsung. On the US side, Lieutenant Audie Murphy was the most highly decorated soldier.

Michael Phelps is the most highly decorated Olympian of all time, with 22 medals. He also holds the record for gold medals (18).

Major Audie Murphy is generally considered to be the most decorated U.S. combat soldier in WW2 since WW2 until Lt. Colonel Matt Urban was considered to be the most decorated U.S. combat soldier and officer, ww2 in 1980 when he was awarded the Medal of Honor and some other prevously recommended decorations for WW2 --"The Matt urban Story", 1989.

I have interviewed multiple veterans. The answer I get to this question is always Tommy Prince. Prince is given the honour of being the most decorated First Nations soldier but he is also the most decorated Canadian soldier. I do not have documents to prove this only the testimony of multiple veterans who served in the military during the same years as Tommy Prince has.

bob doleAudie Murphey was the most decorated soldier in the entire war

As far as the US military is concerned, the generally accepted answer is Audie Murphy. However, I believe it is Colonel Matt Urban of Buffalo, New York. He was not only the most decorated US soldier of WWII, but the most decorated combat soldier the US has ever had.

Audie Murphy was the most decorated. Who was the FIRST U. S. soldier to earn the top 3 awards for bravery, the Medal of Honer, The DSC, and the SIlver Star?

There are many great American soldiers from the Revolutionary War to Iraq. Every conflict has produced American soldiers of great bravery and honor. The most decorated soldier of all time is Gen Douglas MacArthur.

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