Who was the nun who reformed the Carmelite order?

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St. Teresa of Avila, whose name in religion was Mother Teresa of Jesus originally was vowed in the Carmelite Order in Spain. She received permission from her Bishop, and eventually from Rome to found a Carmelite Order known as the Discalced Carmelites (unshod - they were sandals instead of shoes) otherwise known as the Observance of the Primitive Rule of the Carmelites. She wrote several books, mostly on Prayer and the Spiritual Life at the command of her spiritual director, they have been best sellers now for almost five hundred years: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=Teresa+of+Avila

Catholic Answer St. Teresa of Avila, whose name in religion was Mother Teresa of Jesus originally was vowed in the Carmelite Order in Spain. She received permission from her Bishop, and eventually from Rome to found a Carmelite Order known as the Discalced Carmelites (unshod - they were sandals instead of shoes) otherwise known as the Observance of the Primitive Rule of the Carmelites. She wrote several books, mostly on Prayer and the Spiritual Life at the command of her spiritual director, they have been best sellers now for almost five hundred years: Books by St. Teresa of Avila.
That was St. Teresa of Avila. She was the friend of St. John of the Cross.
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What does a nun do?

A nun is a religious woman under solemn vows living a cloistered, contemplative life in a monastery. Their primary vocation is the service of God in the Divine Office, which can take up to six and half hours a day to sing properly, and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Usually nuns do some other work ( Full Answer )

What is a nun?

A woman who has dedicated her life in service to Christ by serving Him in service to the people of God. Who nurses the ill and educates the poor. Nuns also give up houses in their convent to nurse the injured or put a roof over the head of a lonely traveller.and they like to wrestle

Is there a Kan-an order of nuns?

Canaan, part of Israel , was the Biblical (Promised land) it is also identified with the Biblical Wedding at Cana-probably the same place or a neighboring province, this was the site where Christ turned water to wine, his first public miracle. I have never heard of a Kan-an as you spell it religious ( Full Answer )

What order of Catholic nuns accepts women with bipolar disorder?

Unfortunately, I don't believe any orders of nuns or congregations of sisters accept women who have significant physical, emotional, or mental challenges. This is not to say that women with health challenges are not beloved by God, special, and good people; it is only because the life the sisters le ( Full Answer )

What is an honorary Carmelite nun?

I have never heard of this designation. There are such things as honorary members of ,say the American Legion(who are not,strictly speaking War Vets), and honorary members of some organizations such as the UN, I cannot imagine a rigorously formal Religious order having any (fellow travelers) or hono ( Full Answer )

What do Nuns do?

Nuns . Origin and history . The institution of nuns and sisters, who devote themselves in various religious orders to the practice of a life of perfection, dates from the first ages of the Church, and women may claim with a certain pride that they were the first to embrace the religious state ( Full Answer )

What did the nuns do?

the nuns help teach kids the important and reading and writing in the middle ages

How can you honor a dead friend through Carmelite?

A Carmelite can offer up personal prayers and sacrifices for your friend. The Carmelites put primacy on prayer. They can, as community, offer masses, rosaries and divine office for your friend, as well as private prayers. They believe in redemptive suffering; i.e., as Jesus suffered on the cross to ( Full Answer )

What nuns do?

Nuns do many different things, depending on their interests andwhere they are needed. Nuns often act as teachers and caregivers,working in schools, hospitals, orphanages and other places.

Why is it that St john of the cross became one of the mystics of carmelite order?

It was St. Teresa of Avila who persuaded John to join the Carmelites and become the spiritual director of the nuns. St. Teresa had experienced a call to form a male branch of the Discalced (reformed) Carmelites. It is notable that St. John did not place much value on mystical experiences. He is famo ( Full Answer )

Who is the carmelite saint?

There are many Carmelite saints. The Carmelites consider Saints Elijah and Mary their founders, although they lived centuries before the first Carmelites. St. Simon Stock was the Carmelite who received the Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel from Mary. St. John of the Cross, St. Teresa of Avi ( Full Answer )

Who can be a nun?

Anyone who has discerned their vocation and has been approved by the order can become a nun, though it is not that simple. To become a nun takes many steps. First, one must be a member of a parish, usually a Roman Catholic parish, though there are Anglican orders. Then one must discern their vocatio ( Full Answer )

What order of nuns ran the french hospital in Manhattan in the 1940s?

I believe you are referring to Nursing Nuns at St.Vincent"s hospital in the Village. They were probably of the Sisters of Charity ( co founded by Vincent!) but there may be another order involved. There was a predominatley French order of Sisters of Ste Jeanne D"arc and these WERE associated with S ( Full Answer )

What order of nuns in the movie doubt?

what kind of question is this??? idk Nuns (actually they are sisters, though "nuns" is commonly used for teaching sisters as well) belong to different religious orders which are distinguished, among other things, by the habit they wear. The habit with the bonnet resembles the historic habit ( Full Answer )

Who founded the Carmelites order?

The Order of Our Lady of Mount Carmel (the "Carmelites") was founded in Palestine by St. Berthold about 1145 A.D. The original rule, set down in 1209 A.D. by the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Albert of Vercelli (1149-1214), was very severe prescribing absolute poverty, total abstinence from meat, an ( Full Answer )

What steps did the Council of Trent take in order to reform Catholicism?

(1545 - 63) 19th ecumenical council of the Roman Catholic church, which made sweeping reforms and laid down dogma clarifying nearly all doctrines contested by the Protestants. Convened by Pope at Trento in northern Italy, it served to revitalize in many parts of Europe. In its first period (1545 - 4 ( Full Answer )

Are the Josephites a teaching order of Catholic nuns?

Actually there are three groups who can legitimately be called Josephites: 1) The Josephite Fathers and Brothers or, more properly, Saint Joseph's Society of the Sacred Heart, Inc. (abbreviated post-nominally as S.S.J. ) are an American society of Catholic priests and brothers, founded in 1893 ( Full Answer )

What can nuns not do?

a nun (include sister/brother) is a layperson... who has professed his or her dedication to a life of service to Christ.. They have taken vows of obedience and chastity (celebacy) and poverty. At the liturgy they may do what any lay person may do... they may not do what any lay person may not do.

Are Church of Christ folk referred to as Carmelites?

When I was young maybe 60 years ago the Church of Christ were known as Camelites Answer: The term you're thinking of is " Campbellites ", after Alexander Campbell, a leader in the American Restoration Movement (also known as the "Second Great Awakening" and the "Stone-Campbell Movement") of the ( Full Answer )

Does being a Nun count as Holy Orders?

No; Holy Orders is the Sacrament that allows a man to confer the Sacraments to others. (except Holy Orders, which only a Bishop can bestow) A Nun, as well as all those who are members of a Religious Order, only takes Solemn Vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience.

Who in 1925 was named Doctor of the Church for Carmelites Order?

There are none. The only saint named a Doctor of the Church in 1925 was St. Peter Canisius and he was a Jesuit. Teresa of Avila was a Carmelite but not named a Doctor until 1970 and Therese of Lisieux in 1997. See the link below.

Is Therese of Lisieux a Carmelite Saint?

Yes. She was a member of the Carmelite Order on nuns. She tried to join the Carmelites, but was turned down due to her age. She was a pilgrim to Rome for the Jubilee of Pope Leo XIII whom she met and who knew of her desire to become a nun. She finally was able to join the Carmelites at Lisieux on 9 ( Full Answer )

Who are the Carmelite saints?

The Carmelite saints were saints who, when alive, were members of one of the Carmelite orders of nuns, brothers or priests. They are named for Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. Included are such well known saints as St. Therese of Lisieux and St. Teresa of Avila. For a complete list of all Carmelite saints an ( Full Answer )

When did St. Teresa become a Carmelite nun?

St. Teresa of Avila became a Carmelite nun on Nov. 2, 1535, at the age of 20. St. Theresa of Lisieux, the Little Flower, became a Carmelite nun on April 9, 1888, at the age of 15.

What can nuns do?

"Nunns can not do any thing but they can kiss peo ple," would be a poor answer, but is what I found here before deciding to change it. A more appropriate phrasing would be that a Nun can do anything her order permits her to do. Some contemplative orders maintain vows of silence(no talking) and e ( Full Answer )

When is a nun not a nun?

A nun is a woman who has taken a vow to live for God. She will never marry and usually likes on the site of her parish. If you are a nun then you are a nun, it a life commitment.

What religious order of nuns wear a light blue habit?

There isn't just one such order. Several orders have adopted habits that are light blue either partially (such as a light blue veil) or completely. Sky blue is the traditional color of the Virgin Mary, and orders who wear this color are displaying a special devotion to her.

What steps did Diocletian take to restore order and reform empire?

Diocletian tried price controls and dividing the empire in an effort to reform but these measures only worked for a brief time. Diocletian at first created the diarchy (rule by two) by appointing Maximian as co-emperor, but as a junior, to take care of the western regions while he took charge of t ( Full Answer )

Are there an order of Catholic priests called Carmelites?

There are two Orders of Friars (Carmelite priests), the Order ofCarmelites which was founded in 1209 and the Discaled Carmeliteswhich where founded by St. Teresa of Avila and St. John of theCross in the 16th century during the Catholic Reform. There arethree branches to each, priests, nuns, and secu ( Full Answer )

What are the enclosed orders of nuns?

All nuns started out as cloistered, that is the very definition of a nun, as opposed to a Sister. A Sister works out in the world, classically, teaching, nursing, etc. Nuns, such as Benedictines, Cistercians, Carthusians, were all cloistered, although many, not all, modern Benedictine nuns work out ( Full Answer )

How many different Dominican orders of nuns are there in the Catholic Church?

The Dominican Order ( Order of Preachers )was founded in 1206 in France. The first members were, in fact,nuns. They are contemplatives in the cloistered life. Dominican sisters are distinct from the nuns. The following is not necessarily a complete list. The countrylisted is the place of found ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of the word carmelite?

The word carmelite came from the Renaissance era and it is referred to nuns or friars of a strict Catholic order originated from Mount Carmel during the Crusades.

What does a Carmelite nuns wear?

Traditionally, and many contemporary convents of Carmelites wear a brown habit with a white wimple and black veil. They wear a cape over the entire thing when they are in choir, although there are some "modern" nuns who have modified their habits, or done away with them altogether. For the most part ( Full Answer )

Can a nun leave the order to get married and then after she has married become a nun again?

It's not impossible , but it's highly unlikely. Anyoneleaving religious orders should do so with the understanding thatit's permanent. Normally, being released from vows requiresauthorization from very high up in the church (if not fromthe pope himself, certainly from someone who personally knows ( Full Answer )

Who are the Adoption Nuns of The Sacred Heart Order in UK and Ireland?

The Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary are agroup of Catholic Religious Sisters who were established in London , England, in 1903. The Sisters also operated a"mother and baby homes throughout Ireland and the UK. Babies bornin the homes were put up for adoption , manyof them in the ( Full Answer )