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Who was the preident in 1954?

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No, not at all, particularly since there is no one named Barck Obama, and there is no such thing as a preident.

President Franklin Pierce the 14th President

Presedent Bush Was in 2008!!!

England doesn't have presidents, they have kings and queens.

President Franklin Pierce the 14th President

Yes, even Soviet Union had President.

The youngest president of the USA when he was elected was Theodore Roosevelt.

He was a preident. Not a soccer player.

Ulyesse S. Grant.....U.S Their.

there weren't any black presidents to get assassinated.

President Jimmy Carter was a millionaire peanut farmer.

Thomas Jefferson was the third President (1801-1809) of the USA.

The 19th president of the United States was Rutherford B. Hayes.

Abdullah Gül is the President of Turkey in 2014.

general emillo aguinaldo is the 1st preident in republic of philippines.

The president pro tempore is then in charge of the senate.

Union-Abraham Lincoln/Confederacy-Jefferson Davis .

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