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The Louisiana Territory had been a land purchase transaction by the United States of America of 828,800 square miles of the French territory "Louisiane" in 1803. The U.S. paid 60 million francs ($11,250,000) plus cancellation of debts worth 18 million francs ($3,750,000), a total cost of $15,000,000 for the Louisiana Territory. After finally purchasing the Louisiana Territory, and two weeks before inauguration day Jefferson asked Lewis, in January of 1803, to go on the journey. Jefferson then requested $2500 from Congress to pay for the costs of the trip.

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Q: Who was the president during Lewis and Clark Expedition?
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Which US president was in office during the Lewis and Clark expedition?

Thomas Jefferson

Who was president of the US at the time of the Lewis and Clark Expedition?

Thomas Jefferson was president at the time of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. infact, he sent Lewis out to explore and Lewis chose Clark to come along. So, Thomas Jefferson had a huge influence on the expedition.

Which president financed the lewis and clark expedition?


Why did president Jefferson need Lewis and clark on the expedition where?

President Jefferson needed Lewis and Clark to map the Louisiana Territory and to explore it.

Which president ordered the expedition of Lewis and clark?

Aeris Reed

Which president matches with the Lewis and Clark expedition?

President Thomas Jefferson. It was 1803.

Who traveled with Lewis and Clark during the expedition?


Where was the final destination of the Lewis and Clark expedition?

the final destination in 1805, during the Lewis and Clark expedition was at Oregon Trail.Thank you for reading my answer!ARM:)

What president commissioned the Lewis and Clarke expedition?

President Thomas Jefferson commissioned the Lewis and Clark expedition, not long after he bought the Louisiana territory from Napoleon.

Who was in charge of the Lewis and clark expedition?

Meriwether Lewis was in charge and William Clark came as his assistant. But the Lewis And Clark Expedition is still know as The Lewis And Clark Expedition.

What did Clark contribute during the Lewis and Clark expedition?

They discovered the Louisiana purchase!

Who was the captian of the Lewis and clark expedition?

Lewis and Clark are the captains of this expedition