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The president of South Vietnam when it fell was President Nguyen Van Thieu.

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Q: Who was the ruler of South Vietnam before it was taken over in the Vietnam War?
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Why did the US defend south Vietnam?

To preserve the REPUBLIC of South Vietnam from being taken over by the communists.

What side was the Usa on during the vietnam war?

The American support was to help a democratic South Vietnam from being taken over by Communist North Vietnam.

What was the goal of the US during Vietnam war?

To prevent South Vietnam from being taken over by communists.

After the withdraw of the American troops south Vietnam was taken over by what country?

the north and south are one country, not taken over by anyone.

Did any countries gain independence from the Vietnam war?

North Vietnam maintained its independent status, while South Vietnam was taken over by North Vietnam.

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What were the aims of the Vietnam war?

Preserve the Republic of South Vietnam from being taken over by Communist NORTH Vietnam. To keep one country from conquering another country; like in WW2.

When was the last military action taken in Vietnam?

North Vietnam, in contradiction to the peace agreement it had entered into, in 1975 conducted a full-scale conventional invasion of South Vietnam and took it over.

What steps were taken by the Kennedy administration to resist Communist world infiltration?

He provided support to South Vietnam.

What Country was taken by Soviets in the Vietnam war?


Why could the Vietnam war be concidered a loss for the US?

The US objective was to bolster the government of South Vietnam and keep it from being taken over by North Vietnam. The US spent much money and human life trying to achieve this goal, but in 1975 South Vietnam collapsed under a North Vietnamese invasion.

Where was the Vietnam War fought?

Vietnam was a divided country, formerly the French colony of Indochina, on the southeast coast of mainland Asia. It is west of the Philippines across the South China Sea.The air war was fought over the skies of North Vietnam. The ground war was fought in South Vietnam. The US Navy's riverine wars were fought in the rivers & swamps of South Vietnam.There was some action taken in Cambodia and Laos, typically air raids and a few ground sorties.The Vietnam war was fought mostly in Vietnam. Some fighting occured in the nearby countries of Laos and Cambodia. At that time the country was divided into North Vietnam and South Vietnam. The U.S. was trying to help South Vietnam. Vietnam is located on the Asian continent somwhat south of China and bordering on the Pacific Ocean.

What happened to Vietnam after the war?

After the U.S. evacuated the American embassy in Saigon, North Vietnam which had already taken over much of South Vietnam invaded Saigon. They met little resistance. The war continued into the 1980s. The South Vietnamese were left under equipped and poorly trained. South Vietnam was united with North Vietnam. Only this time it was a communist country. Saigon was renamed Ho Chi Mihn City after the North's late leader, Ho Chi Mihn

Why did the US get invoved in the conflict in Vietnam?

After World War 2, the French went back to Vietnam (formerly their territory) in an attempt to reclaim it, but the Soviets had already taken North Vietnam. The Soviets helped establish Northern Vietnam, and left it to run itself. The French claimed South Vietnam, leading to a struggle between the two countries. The French battled North Vietnam on multiple occasions, but ultimately gave up. The U.S entered Vietnam in order to prevent North Vietnam from invading South Vietnam, but North Vietnam had the majority of support. While the North Vietnamese Army invaded from the North, Vietnamese insurgents (Viet Cong) used guerilla tactics in South Vietnam to disrupt U.S/NATO operations.

What year did troops come home from Vietnam?

Troops began coming home in 1973, and complete evacuation was completed by 1975 when the south was taken over.

How many troops were taken to Vietnam to fight?

Approximately 2,594,000 US servicemen served in the Vietnam War.

Why was France in Vietnam?

France had taken Vietnam as a a colony in 1887 as part of its program of Imperialism in the 19th century.

Why did Lyndon Johnson escalate American involvement in Vietnam?

President Lyndon Johnson was a hawk, and believed that if action wasn't immediately taken, Vietnam, like much of South Asia would be taken over by the communists. While many of his advisors agreed that a more aggressive approach was needed in Vietnam, many also objected to his desire to wait until after the election to send in the troops.

Did Vietnam war end by the photo taken by journalist?

i dont no

What was the outcome of the wars between France and Vietnam?

The French were forced to withdraw and release their hold on their former colony. Vietnam was divided between North and South, with a plebiscite to decide on its form of government to be held. The US prevented that vote from being taken.

What country was taken over by a radical Islamic ruler in 1979?


Which country was taken over by a radical Islamic ruler in 1979?


What was South Africa called before it was taken by the british?

The Cape of Good Hope...but it wasn't officially a country yet

Why were the vietnamese fighting the Vietnam war?

The communist North Vietnamese and the Capitalist South Vietnamese did not agree with eachother's form of government. The communist North Vietnamese, backed and supplied by Russia, invaded South Vietnam with the help of militia groups called the Vietcong, attempting to make the whole country communist. The South Vietnamese, supplied and supported by the US, fought back against the North Vietnamese but were eventually defeated after US troops were taken out of Vietnam in 1975.

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