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The Union Army of the Tennessee attacked the Confederate Army of the Mississippi.

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Did the Battle of Vicksburg cut the confederacy in two?

Yes. Vicksburg cute the Confedracy into two.

What is the battle at Vicksburg?

The Battle of Vicksburg was a major battle in the Civil War in Vicksburg, Mississippi. The Confederates had their only stronghold there. General Grant's plan was to gain control of Vicksburg and the Mississippi River. General Pemberton was running out of food and supplies so he surrendered. Because the Union took control of the Mississippi River it split the South into two. That's how the Battle of Vicksburg is important in the Civil War.

What two groups of people were involved in the holocaust?

Nazis and Jews were the main two groups.

What happened the battle of Vicksburg?

In the battle of Vicksburg Grant led his army of Tennessee to the Mississippi River where they then drove the Confederate troops to the town of Vicksburg Mississippi. After two major attacks by the Union the Confederate did not have re enforcements and were quickly running out of supplies. Grant then invaded Vicksburg and the Confederate surrendered. Hope this helps.

Did the Battle of Gettysburg cut the confederacy in two?

No, that was the the fall of Vicksburg, on the Mississippi river.

Which battle cut the conferacy in two?

The seizure of Vicksburg closed the Mississippi to Southern traffic, cutting the Confederacy in two.

Which city is important on the Mississippi river?

The two main river-cities involved in the Civil War were Memphis and New Orleans. The key battle was Vicksburg, which ended the war in the West (30,000 prisoners paroled).

What are the two groups involved in the Arab-Israeli Conflict?

As counter-intuitive as it might be, the two groups involved in the Arab-Israeli Conflict are the Arabs and the Israelis.

Who were the two commanders of the Vicksburg battle?

Ulysses S. Grant for the Union and John Clifford Pemberton for the Confederacy.

What two groups are involved in the middle east conflict?

There are several groups involved in the middle east conflict. There are Shia and Sunni Muslims involved. The United States is also involved, as well as terrorist groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda.

What is the name of the battle that the victory spilt the confederacy in two at the civil war of the US?

The battle of Vicksburg. The Confederate Army capitulated on July 4, 1863.

What was the fortress whose capture split the Confederacy in two?

The Battle of Vicksburg in Mississippi split the Confederacy in two. In this conflict, Union soldiers led by Ulysses S. Grant drove the Confederates out of their stronghold in the fortress city of Vicksburg.

What groups were involved in the Bosnian genocide?

The two main groups were ethnic serbs and ethnic croads

What 2 groups were involved in Rwanda?

There are two ehtnic groups in the population of Rwanda, the Tutsi and the Hutu.

Two groups involved in the Reign of Terror?

The Girondins and the Jacobins.

Where is the site of the famous July 1863 battle?

There were two - both highly decisive. Vicksburg (Mississippi) and Gettysburg (Pennsylvania).

What was the site of the battle that was a major turning point of the war in july 1863?

There were two. Vicksburg on the Mississippi, and Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Which battle was more important for the union cause Chattanooga or vicksberg?

Vicksburg, because split the Confederacy in to two parts.

Was the Hamburger Hill battle just or unjust?

Battles are neither just nor unjust, although sometimes wars can be described in those terms. The battle at Hamburger Hill was a battle between two groups of soldiers in a war, no civilians were involved or injured.

Which two groups were fighting in the bennington battle?

the british and the Americans fought in the battle of benngton

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