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Nicholas II was the Tsar of Russia at the beginning of the war.

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Who was the leader of Tsarist Russia during World War I?

Tsar Nicholas II was the leader of Tsarist Russia in World War 1.

Who was the leader of Russia during World War 1?

Tsar Nicholas II was the leader until March 1917 when he abdicated. Then the Provisional Government headed first by Prince Georgi Lvov and then Alexander Kerensky led Russia until October 1917. Vladimir Lenin and the Bolsheviks (later called Communists) overthrew the Provisional Government in the October Revolution on October 25-26, 1917 and led Russia through the end of the war.Nicholas II was the czar of Russia at the start of World War II. A revolution erupted in Russia and Vladimir Lenin came to power with the Bolshevics.Tsar Nicholas II.Tsar Nicholas II.

Who was the leader of pre revolutionary Russia during world war 1?

Tsar Nicholas II led Russia in World Was 1 before the revolution.

What happened to the CZAR of Russia?

Following World War I, Tsar Nicholas of Russia was forced to abdicate. When Russia plunged into civil war, the Tsar and his family were imprisoned in St. Petersburg before being moved to a facility in the Ural Mountains area known as Ekaterinburg. On July 17, 1918, The Tsar, his wife and their children were murdered.

What wars were Russia involved in during the reign of Tsar Nicholas II?

The Russo-Japanese War (Which Russia lost - making Nicholas unpopular with the Russian people) World War I (but the Tsar abdicated and was murdered before the war's end)

What took Russia out of World War?

Because communists took over the control of Russia from the Tsar. Communists were against war with Germany and hence agreed to end the war with Germany after they took the reign of Russia.

Who was the president of Russia before World War 1?

Before WW1, until 1917 in fact, Russia was ruled by the Roamanov dynasty, the Tsar was the Head of State. Tsar is a title like King or Emperor and is derived from Caesar. There was no such thing as a president in Russia then. The last Tsar was Nicholas II.

Who ruled Russia at the start of World War 1?

Tsar Nicholas II of the imperial Romanov line.

Who were the leaders of Russia during World War 1?

Tsar Nicholas 11, Michael 11, Vladimir Lenin

Who was the Leader of Russia going in world war 1?

When Russia entered the First World War in 1914, they were still under the monarchy of Tsar Nicholas II, however, he was overthrown in 1917 by Vladimir Lenin and the Bolsheviks.

What was the effect of Russia dropping out of World War 1?

Russia dropped out of World War I due to the events of the February Revolution and the abdication of the Tsar. Russia pulling out of the war broke up the Triple Entente, although the eventual entry of the United States still pushed the war in the allies favor.

Why did tsar Nicholas II decide to enter Russia into world war 1?

To protect Serbia and unify the Russian people

What does the Russian revolution have to do with communism?

In Russia, during World War 1 Tsar Nicholas the second was running a tyrant so when he got overthrown Russia had a communism policy.

Who was the leader of Russia at the beginning of World War 1?

Tsar Nicholas IIEmperor Nikolas II was ruler at the start of WWI.

What did Tsar Nicholas II do in World War I?

He was not alive. After the Communist Revolution in 1919, the tsar and his family were killed and the title abolished. Stalin led Russia (Now the Soviet Union) during wwii

Why did the Russian revolution 1917 matter?

Because the people of Russia tried to overthrow their king, Tsar Nicholas II. The people were struggleing to survive when Tsar Nicholas had to focuse on the World War 1.

Who was the new Russian leader during World War 1?

The Russian leader at the start of the war was Tsar Nicholas II. The Tsar was overthrown by the Bolsheviks in the 1917 Revolution, whose leader, Lenin, took Russia out of the war after the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk with Germany.

Who was the czar of Russia during World War 1?

czar Nikolas II (1888-1917). He got the Russians into a war that they couldn't afford.Tsar Nicholas II.

Who was Tsar Nicholas II of Russia?

Tsar Nicholas II of Russia was the last Tsar (King) of the Russian Empire he was killed in 1917 during the Russian Civil War when he was ordered killed with his family by Vladimir Lenin first leader of the USSR (soviet union)

Why was Russia lagging behind so many other European nations in the years both before and after World War 1?

there was the revolution that made the tsar abdicate and allowed russia to become communist

Who was the emperor of Russia at the beginning of world war 1?

Tsar Nicolas II who was the last ruler of Russia before the Russian Revolution Number 2 in 1917 after Number 1 failed in 1905

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