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Nobody really welcomed the civil war... There were things that led up to it like the slavery issue and Lincolns election. The main thing was Lincolns electoin because states in the south started to secced from the union.

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Q: Who welcomed the Civil War and why?
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Did the british fight with the confederacy in the civil war?

No, the British did not enter the US Civil War, although the Confederates might have welcomed them.

What obstacle did Constantine hovercome before he became sole emperor?

Civil war.Civil war.Civil war.Civil war.Civil war.Civil war.Civil war.Civil war.Civil war.

How old are the soldiers in the Civil War?

Most of the soldiers in the Civil War were 18 to 35 years. Some soldiers as young as 12 and 13 participated in the war. Men as old as about 45 were welcomed into the Army. Many of the generals and colonels were much older. Robert E Lee was 58 at the end of the war. General Winfield Scott was 75 years old when he resigned early in the Civil War.

What political and social changes resulted from the English Civil War?

As a result of the English Civil War, England became a commonwealth headed by Oliver Cromwell. The monarchy, the House of Lords, and the Church of England were abolished. Puritan influences resulted in the closing of theaters. Jews were welcomed back to England.

What was the underlying message of the movie glory?

It emphasized the importance of the 54th regiment. Through them African Americans were welcomed into the U.S. Army, within the Union forces during the Civil War.

How closely involved did Britain come in the civil war?

The answer is 'In which civil war'. Almost every country I can think of has had a civil war.The answer is 'In which civil war'. Almost every country I can think of has had a civil war.

What important events were in the American Civil War IN the Civil War not triggered the Civil War?

It would depend on which civil war you are referring to.

Did the Civil War have a draft?

yes, the civil war had a draft during the civil war

Why did they name the civil warthe Civil War?

ok the civil war was named civil war because it was a civilization and it was a war between slavery

Why did common southerners fight in the civil war?

Pride in their new nation. But also because they were an aggressive breed who welcomed an opportunity for a darn good fight. Defending slavery was probably not front-of-mind.

What was an impact of the Civil War?

Depends which Civil War you are referring to. There have been hundreds.English Civil WarWar of the RosesAmerican Civil WarCrimean Civil WarEtcRe-ask with the missing information.

Which war is worse a Civil War or an ordinary war?

a civil war the civil war was the north vs. south of one country

Why was the Civil War Called Civil?

A Civil war in general is a war between one country. If you went to another country and were talking about the civil war they probably would think you were talking about their civil war. The correct term is The United States Civil War.

Who died in which war war 1 or revolutionary war or Civil War?

civil war

Was the Civil War before or after the Revolutionary War?

The civil war was after the revolutionary war.

Why was Europe not welcomed in America?

My best guess is because of the revolutionary war...

When does the civil war end?

American Civil War: 1861-1865Mexican Civil War: 1858-1861Irish Civil War: 1922-1923Russian Civil War: 1917-1921Chinese Civil War: 1928-1937, 1945-1949Austrian Civil War: February 12 - February 16, 1934Spanish Civil War: 1936-1939

Name 5 Civil War generals?

Do you mean the Spanish Civil War or the American Civil War?

What are the effects of john Harpers raid on Harpers ferry?

civil war civil war civil war

Who was the northner that opposed the Civil War?

who was the northerner who opposed the civil war?who was the northerner who opposed the civil war?

Civil war end?

When did civil war end

Was the US Civil War really a civil war in 1861?

Yes, it actually was a civil war :P

Was Sarah forbes in the civil war?

was sarah forbes in the civil warsarah forbesin the civil war

What contributed to the outbreak of the civil war?

which of these did not contribute to the outbreak of the civil war

What war fought of the end of slavery?

civil war. civil war.