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China and the USSR along with many other communist countries, but the major one that assisted North Korea was China. The USSR supplied North Korea with Soviet tanks and planes. Soviet pilots also flew for the North Korean air force but this was kept a secret long after the end of the war.

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Q: Who were allies of North Korea in the Korean War?
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Who did the Korean Allies Defeat in the Korean War?

the enemies of the Korean allies were North Korea and China. There was no 'defeat' in the Korean war, rather, it was a DRAW, no winner......................

What nations was allies of north Korea before and during the Korea war?

China and the Soviet Union were two nations that were allies of North Korea before the Korean war. Both nations remained allies even after the war in Korea.

How does china get along with North Korea?

During the Korean War, North Korea and China were allies, but currently they have problems with each other.

Which nations fought in Korean war?

Un and allies plus South Korea VS North Korea, China,and Russia for more info go to and type in Korean War

Which nations were allies of North Korea before and during the Korean War?

The USSR supported North Korea covertly before the war began and throughout the war. The People's Republic of China entered the war later as a military ally to North Korea.

What nations were allies of North Korea before and during the Korean War?

communist china and soviet union

Who was Korean War against?

The Korean War was due to the Invasion of South Korea by North Korea. Later in this war, the Chinese came to the aid of North Korea.

Who were the US allies in the Korean War?

South Korea

Who won the Korean war against north and South Korea?

ROK (Republic of South Korea)/allies won the war by defeating North Korea/allies attempt to conquer them. Another words the communists FAILED to attain their objective (the conquest of ROK).

Start of the Korean war?

North Korea invading South Korea led to the Korean war.

What did MacArthur want to do to win the Korean war?

open a full scale war against north korea and its allies like china

What happpen to Korean after Korean war?

after 6.25 war, they became North and South korea. the china helped north korea in the war, and the america and u.n helped south korea in the war

Did Russia and North Korea won the Korean war?

Although the goal of uniting the Korean peninsula under communist rule was unsuccessful, North Korea and its Communist allies still consider the conflict a victory because North Korea's government survived and exists to this day.

Why was the Korean War called the Korean War?

simply because it was north Korea vs. south Korea

Were North Korea allies in World War 2?

During World War II North Korea did not exist. Korea was divided after the war, at the time of the war it was part of the Japan New Order. There were guerrilla forces fighting against the Japanese that later formed the North Korean government.

Who was North Korea's president Korean war?

The president of North Korea at the time of the Korean War was Kim Ill Sung hope this helps

Which nation was allies of north Korea before and during the Korean war?

Korea's primary ally was China, who supplied weapons and soldiers to the Korean Army during a majority of the Korean War. Many would agree that the Soviet Union was also an ally to North Korea, but China certainly made more of an impact.

Is the Korean war a revolution?

The Korean War, 1950-1953, was started by an invasion of South Korea by North Korea.

What events led to the Korean war?

North Korea's invasion of South Korea on June 25, 1950, led to the Korean War.

What war was caused when north Korea invaded south Korea?

The Korean war.

Where did the Korean War begin?

in June 1950, North Korean troops crossed the 38th parallel that separates North Korea from South Korea and was the cause for the Korean war (conflict)

Who were the allies of South Korea during the Korean War?

The U.S. were allies and maybe Britain, too.

What were the effects of North Korean after the Korean war?

North Korea, often called the Hermit Kingdom, has remained largely isolated from the rest of the world, following the Korean War. This has not been healthy for North Korea.

What was the North Korean capital city during Korean War?

Pyongyang, North Korea

What did North Korea gain from the Korean war?

combat experience for north korean troops