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Who were the Americans fighting in the Korean War?

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North Korea, China and a few Russians.

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Did the American public think the Korean War was worth fighting?

did the american public think that the korean war was woth fighting?

How many Americans were wounded in the Korean War?

sorry, but i do know that 50,000 Americans were killed in the Korean War.

Was fighting the Korean War worthwhile?

Whether or not fighting the Korean War was worthwhile is a matter of opinion. Many feel it was worth it because the U.S. was fighting communism.

How many Americans served during the Korean war?

About 480,000 Americans were deployed to Korea during the Korean War.

When was the first day of fighting in the Korean war?

The Korean war began on June 25th, 1950.

How does the Korean War relate to the Cold War?

The Korean War related to the Cold War because it both had fighting habits.

How was the Korean war a hot war?

There was fighting. Unlike the cold war.

Was the Korean war a just war?

It is open to many interpretations, however most Americans would like to believe preserving democracy is a cause worth fighting for.

How much did the US spend fighting the Korean war?

A website on the Korean War might be able to help you out.

How did Americans war aims change during the Korean war?

The Americans war aims change during the Korean war because they felt confident dealing with the communists.

What are the names of the generals fighting for Korea in the Korean War?

See: Korean War-External Links: Facts and texts on the war

Why did the Korean war was a hot spot?

Because people actually started to physically fight. In the Cold War, no fighting actually broke out. A hotspot has intense fighting; thus the Korean War.

How many americans were drafted into the korean war?

There was approximately 1,751,820 Americans to be drafted into the Korean War. Not all of these men were actually sent to Korea.

What were the issue in the Korean War?

Fighting Communist aggression.

Was Korean War part of the cold war?

No, the Korean war was not technically part of the cold war but it was a front for the Americans and the Russians to compete in.

How many Americans fought in the Korean War?

Approximately 1,789,000 US Servicemen served in the Korean War.

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