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the general for Great Britain was churchill. by Henri

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Q: Who were the Generals for Great Britain during World War 2?
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Who was the generals in world war ll?

A few noteable ALLIED Generals of WWll: George S. Patton: Crantankerous and eccentric general; US Bernard Montgomery: A wartime hero of Great Britain.

What Country did Winston Churchill represent in world war 2?

He was the leader of Great Britain mostly during WW2.

Who did great Britain belong to during world war 1?

Great Britain was never occupied by the enemy, and 'belonged' to itself and its people.

What was the population of Great Britain during World War 1?


What does Great Britain want during World War 2?

To be at peace.

Was Winston Churchill the leader of Great Britain during World War 2?

Yes, he was the prime minister and military leader of Britain during world war 2

How many civilians were killed during World War 2 in Great Britain?

350,000 Civilian in Great Britain were killed during World War 2 60% were from the Channel Islands and rest were from the Blitzkrieg Bombings.

What strategy was used by Great Britain to put Germany's economy to a standstill during World War 1?

Great Britain used bombs

Who was the king during world war 2?

George VI was king of Great Britain during World War 2.

What was the capital of Great Britain during World War 2?

London, England

The leader of Great Britain during World War 2?

Winston Churchill .

Who had the most battleships during world war 1?

Probably Great Britain.

During which war was the battle of great Britain fought?

World War II.

Which of these nations was an ally of the US during World War 2?

great Britain

Which of these countries was not an axis nation during world war ii?

Great Britain

What side was Great Britain on during World War 2?

The other side.

Which country did not fall to the Nazis during world war 2?

Great Britain did not.

Who was the primer minister of great Britain during world war 2?


What side did Great Britain fight on during World War II?

Britain fought alongside the Allied Powers.

Was Great Britain fascist democratic or communist during World War 2?

Great Britain was a democratic nation throughout the course of the 20th century.

What was the name of the Great Britain's government during World War 2?

Britain had a coalition government during World War 2

Did great Britain almost declare war on America during world war 2?

No. What possible reason would Britain have had for that?

What was the capital of Great Britain during World War 1?

London has been the capitol of Great Britain since it was formed by the Act of Union in 1706/07

In Great Britain during World War 1 how much land was gained lost?

That would be none. Great Britain is an island. It didn't change shape.

Pictures Famous generals and leaders during World War 2?

pictures of the generals and leaders of world war two