Who were the Marquette Ten?

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The Marquette Ten were Marquette district CPD officers convicted in 1982 of taking bribes from drug dealers.

The affair is recounted in some detail in the book "Greylord: Justice, Chicago Style," by James Tuohy and Rob Warden, published by Putnam in 1989. According to the authors, the Marquette Ten were innocent victims of an over-zealous attempt by U.S. Attorney Dan Webb to snare crooked cops and judges. The cops were convicted on the testimony of felons who were offered breaks for their cooperation, and the attempt to flip the indicted cops to get them to give up crooked judges yielded nothing. The authors say this was because there was nothing to yield; the cops were innocent.

I believe that the Federal case involved two drug dealers named C.W. Wilson and Harry Cannon. The story was reported on CBS's 60 Minutes. (I would love to get a transcript or tape of the 60 Minutes show as I worked on the case.)

they were 10 cops railroaded by Dan Webb to further his big life with Big Jim!

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Dan Webb was a scum bag
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Q: Who were the Marquette Ten?
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