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Who were the Nazis and what symbol did they adopt?

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Germans, a Z with another Z on its side, across the first one = is called Swastka

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How did the swashtika turn in to a symbol of evil?

Because it has been used by the Nazis as their symbol it has been turned into a symbol of evil, since the Nazis were evil.

What was the ancient symbol was adapted by the Nazis as their symbol?


Why did the Nazis adopt Final Solution?

Expediency- relocating was expensive.

Where did the Nazis get adopt the swastika symbol from?

The swastika symbol is basically just the cross, but with a bent line on all the ends. They took it from the cross and bent the ends to show the Jews that they hate them. I don't know how that makes any sense, but that's what i heard.

Who wore the Nazi symbol?

The Nazis.

What symbol did the Nazis adapted?

The Swastika.

Why did the swastika become an offensive symbol after the Nazis used it?

The swastika became an offensive symbol because it was adopted by the Nazis as their symbol.______More specifically, the things the Nazis did ruined the symbol. The swastika was used for hundreds - if not thousands of years by followers of Hinduism as a symbol of luck and good fortune. It was also said to attract peace and light.

What was the symbol Nazis?

The National Socialists (Nazis) adapted an old religious symbol - known as the swastika - for their use. Unfortunately, this symbol is now so strongly identified with the Nazis (and their crimes) that it is unlikely that it will ever be "recovered" for any other use.

What is the name of the Nazis symbol?

Swastica(your Momma)

What symbol is used to represent the Nazis?

The Swastika.

What was the symbol of Hitler's political party?

The symbol of Hitler's political party, the Nazis, was the swastika.

What was the symbol for Hitler political party?

The symbol of Hitler's political party, the Nazis, was the swastika.

What is the meanings of the Nazi symbol Swastika?

The swastika used to be a good luck symbol, long before the Nazis, but the Nazis used it as a symbol of Nazism, which was based entirely on the idea of the supremacy of the Aryan race, hence, it has become a symbol of extreme racism.

What symbol did the Germans get forced to wear as Nazis?


Who made the Nazis symobol Navajo or Nazis?

neither, it was first used by Hindus by as a good luck symbol

Did Louis XIV adopt the sun as his symbol?

Yes .

Symbol of Adolf Hitler's political party?

The symbol of Hitler's political party, the Nazis, was the swastika.

What are Nazis markings?

The Swastika was the Nazi symbol, it originated as a greek symbol then Hitler took over it.

Night is a symbol of what?

The fire symbols the Nazis' cruel power.

How many Nazis have the eagle symbol?

45 per unit

Why did the Nazis choose the triangle as symbol to mark prisoners?

They did this for tracking.

How are the Nazi and Jewish syombols different?

Nazis symbol is swastika Jews symbol is 6-pointed star

What symbol did the whigs adopt for the election of 1840?

Log Cabin

What phrase did the Nazis adopt in the 1920's to label their new order?

third reich

Why do people get offended by the Swastika?

The swastika was the sign or symbol used by the Nazis when they tried to take over all of Europe. To the Nazis this symbol represented their ideology which they wanted to impose on all of Europe, or all the lands they conquered. As the Nazis lost the WWII this sign became a hateful sign, and represented the evil that the Nazis wanted to impose over the world. The actions of the Nazis, the mass genocides and the holocaust are associated with this symbol. This symbol also has a psychological affect to all the survivors. The differentiation between Allied army and the Nazis was this symbol and this came to represent evil. Also imagine yourself trying to squint at the tail or belly of a bomber plane or a tank or ships to find this symbol. And if you were in its line of fire, it would be pretty darn bad. So over the course of the war, this symbol imprinted death and that's why today in the civilized world people are offended by it.