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Who were the allies of South Korea during the Korean War?


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The U.S. were allies and maybe Britain, too.

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south Korea, united nations, Australia

North Korea: USSR (http://wiki.answers.com/Which_countries_were_in_the_Allies_in_the_Korean_War#) and ChinaSouth Korea: U.S.A, United Nations, Australia

The official name of South Korea is the Republic of Korea in English, 대한민국 in Koreanwriting

South Korea-Syngman Rhee.(I am South Korea People) North Korea-Il Sung Kim.

South Korea fought communist during Korean War.

During the Korean War in the early 1950s, the South Koreans had many allies. Chief among them was the United States who contributed the vast majority of the troops to the United Nations effort.

Lee Seung-Man(이승만) was the president of South Korea during the Korean War.

The US was in Korea as a member of the United Nations and many other members were allies including the British Commonwealth and Turkey. "South Korea" answer for A+

Answer:North Korea: USSR (Russia) and ChinaSouth Korea: U.S.A, United Nations, Australia

Yes, Republic of South Korean Servicemen fighting in Vietnam were referred to as ROK's...the ROK Army (Republic of South Korea).

Communist North Korea attacked South Korea in 1950. The US/Allies drove the communists northward, and both sides settled upon an Armistice in 1953.

in North Korea it was Kim il sung and in South Korea it was Syngman Rhee

During the Korean War, the South Korean government was an AUTOCRACY. While South Korea was officially a democracy, there was no rule of law and the "Presidents" wielded levels of power similar to any other dictator. It was only in 1986 that South Korea became a liberal democracy.

ROK (Republic of South Korea)/allies won the war by defeating North Korea/allies attempt to conquer them. Another words the communists FAILED to attain their objective (the conquest of ROK).

North and south Korea were divided during the Korean war the North Koreans wanted to have Communism as the south wanted democracy. That's why the Americans support South Korea and China supports the North.

Un and allies plus South Korea VS North Korea, China,and Russia for more info go to wikipedia.org and type in Korean War

america is allies with south korea. Because the north korea is a communist country

Please be more specific, what Korea? North or south? South Korea has America Japan China and other places North Korea is loosing allies, since they are threatening many places and captured 2 American jounalists

The 38th parallel remained to separate South Korea from North Korea.

South Korea, as north Korea is a communist state.

they are from south Korea, all the Korean singers right now are south Korean. i nvr heard of a north Korean singer of this time

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