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Who were the first illegal aliens in the US?


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The names of the first illegal aliens in the United States are not known. There are millions of illegal immigrants that are in the US, as of 2014.

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Please don't equate "illegal aliens = criminals". Anybody can, and sometimes does, commit crimes, not just illegal aliens.

Aliens with documents can join the US army. (They are not illegal if they have documents.) Undocumented aliens are the illegal ones. They would not have the necessary documents to enlist.

There are an estimated 45 million illegal aliens in the US in 2010. Many pay taxes, so undocumented worker is a misnomer - they are illegal aliens.

No, you are not legally able to hire illegal aliens.

Depends on how many illegal aliens... One truck per every illegal alien.

(Based on 2013 statistics) 11.1 million

Human traffickers or desperate citizens.

They can, as long as they don't get caught.

Legal aliens came to the US with the proper paperwork. Illegal aliens came to the US without that paperwork. Some of them came to evade dangers in their own countries or because they had family here. Some came for economic opportunity. Some came to participate in criminal activity.

Illegal aliens should not be eligible for licenses.

Illegal Aliens - novel - was created in 1989.

There are several million illegal aliens in the United States.

If they are linked in anyway to illegal activity they are confiscated. If NOT they are returned with the illegal aliens, when they are released on a on DODFM4137.

0% of the AR prison inmates are illegal aliens

aliens. People living in the US who are not US citizens are generally called either "resident aliens" or "illegal aliens." There are other classifications for non-citizens, such as foreign exchange students and diplomatic employees of other nations, such as ambassadors to the US and their staff.

the law is that if a child is born in the US it is a legal citizen.

Aliens, usually illegal aliens.

They are still illegal aliens. Only the anchor baby is a US citizen

It depends on the laws of the country. Most countries will not allow illegal aliens to work.

Deportation is the only answer. Illegal aliens will be deported back to their own country from which they entered the US illegally. Further more, they will lose all chance of applying for any other visa or undergo any US immigration process.

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