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One of Japan's historical people was Tojo. Tojo was the leader of the military. Also at the time Hirohito ruled Japan during World War 2.

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Pictures Famous generals and leaders during World War 2?

pictures of the generals and leaders of world war two

Japenese general during world war 2?

There were a number of Japanese Generals during WW2 .

Who were the Japanese political leaders during World War 2?


Japanese general during World War 2?

One of the Japanese generals in WW2 was named Tadamichi Kuribayashi who was in command of Iwo Jima .

Japanese generals of the world wars?

GEN Yamashita

Who were the Japanese military leaders in World War 2?

The japanese military leaders in world war 2 was Genaral Alix .

Who were the major generals in the battle of gaudacanal?

The Battle of Guadalcanal was a decisive set of engagements between the Allies (Mainly the United States) and Axis (Japan) during World War II. The United States generals were William Halsey, Daniel Callaghan Norman Scott and Willis Lee. Japanese leaders were Isoroku Yamamoto, Hiroaki Abe, and Nobutake Kondo.

What was the Japanese leaders political party during world war 2?

Japan had a "Monarch" government during WW2. Their monarch was headed by an Emperor; Emperor Hirohito.

How many US Generals were there in World War 11?

The US Army had over 1,100 Generals during WW2.

What was the effect on the Japanese during world war 2?

During World War II, the Japanese lost over two million soldiers, and over half a million civilians. Some of their cities were ruined. As, well as this, the Japanese lost a lot of government leaders. The war also took a huge financial toll on the nation.

How many four star generals were there in World War 2?

There were a total of 12 four star generals during World War II. There were also 13 four star admirals during the war.

Who were the American Generals executed World War 2 by the Japanese?

Vicente Lim Guy O. Fort

Why didn't the Japanese invade the American mainland during World War 2?

Japanese military leaders were interviewed after their surrender in 1945 about this and the general reply was that the US is the most armed and aggressive society in the world. It would have been foolish for them to even try.

Who is Hitler's general during World War 2?

Hitler had several generals (and their equivalent0 during WW2

What was the American Generals During World War 2 of George Patton?


Who were allied government leaders during World War 2?

who were allied government leaders

What was the Japanese mentality during World War 2?

The Japanese had a mentality of 'no surrender' during World War 2 because they had fought for so long during World War I. The idea that the Japanese might not win the war was inconceivable at the time.

Who held the Japanese during world war 2?

America held the Japanese in camp during WW2

How have Japanese approaches to management and leadership influenced business leaders around the world?

Business leaders around the world are examining their practices in light of the success that the Japanese and others have had in the areas of strategy building, organizational development, group/team cooperation

Who were some famous US Generals during World War 2?

Patton, Eisenhower,

Who were the british generals during world war 2?

Field Marshal Montgomery is the main British general during WW2.

How many Japanese soldiers killed during World War 2?

2.12 Million Japanese Military were reported to be killed during World War 2.

Were any American generals captured by the Germans during World War 2?

General wright

Who was on the Japanese side during world war 2?

The Japenese were on the Japanese side in WW2

Who were affected during world war 2?

The Japanese